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Cricket is mostly about technique and talent. But luck is an intangible factor that plays an equally important part.

We have seen countless occasions where batters were given reprieves early in their innings. And then they went on to smash big hundreds.

Similarly, there have been times when the willow-wielders haven’t had their fair share of luck and have lost wickets to extraordinary bits of bad luck.

On day 2 of the first of 5 match test series between India and England, England’s fast bowler James Anderson dismissed Indian captain Virat Kohli.

Anderson became the tied third-highest wicket-taker in the most extended game version. He tried equaling renowned Indian bowler Anil Kumble’s record.

In Anderson’s career, the pacer has collected 619 wickets. It was also the first dismissal of Kohli by an England bowler since 2014.

With nine dismissals, he is second only to Kiwi speed bowler Tim Southee on the bowler’s list, who have dismissed the Indian captain the most.

Even the best batters go through rough spells in their careers. Virat Kohli doesn’t hold a century since November 2019. He even struggled against spin bowling (both off-spinners and leg spinners).

We will look at batters dismissed because of the opposition’s talent and well-planned strategy.

All that we will be talking about in this blog are:

  1. Virat Kohli vs Moeen Ali – 10 Dismissals
  2. Rohit Sharma vs Amit Mishra in IPL – 7 Dismissals
  3. Zaheer Khan vs Graeme Smith – 13 Dismissals
  4. Babar Azam vs Josh Hazlewood – 8 Dismissals
  5. James Anderson vs Sachin Tendulkar – 9 Dismissals

Virat Kohli vs Moeen Ali – 10 Dismissals

On the 4th morning of the 4th England & India Test at the Oval Stadium, Moeen Ali bowled a beautiful bowling stroke to knock Virat Kohli for 44. It was a wicket that is vital technically and for the hosts’ hopes.

After seeing the new second ball, the India captain continued his rising form, looking ready for his third half-century in three innings. He was waving some of his hallmark strokes and appearing increasingly secure.

While James Anderson’s rivalry with Kohli is the focus of attention, another player of the England team can call Kohli a favourite opponent: Moeen Ali, who has dismissed the all-rounder ten times across forms.

This time, Kohli’s captain tour edging to first slip was aided by a bit of subtle in-drift. Six of Kohli’s ten dismissals have occurred in test cricket, with only Nathan Lyon and Anderson.

They had more in the longer format, while Moeen is tied with Tim Southee and Anderson. It was for the most dismissals of Virat across all forms, with Moeen leading among spin bowlers.

Moeen also moved into the third position on the list of England spinners with the most test wickets. He was ahead of Jim Laker and just behind Derek Underwood and Graeme Swann. It’s been a long career for him, with five Test hundreds to his credit, and it’s far from over.

Virat Kohli, India’s captain, is perhaps the finest batsman of the contemporary age. But, on the other hand, the right-hander hasn’t had much luck with the willow in the 2018 year. Kohli’s previous century was against Bangladesh in November 2019.

He is yet to get his 71st international century since then. Virat has appeared in 44 matches since November 2019, amassing 1,646 runs at an average of 43.31. He was registering his 17 half-centuries.

Instead of crossing the line and injuring his wrist, Virat should play straight. However, the analyst is unconcerned about Kohli because he believes the batting legend knows what he needs to do and develop.

It won’t be an issue if he keeps his posture and plays straight before switching to his flicks. He does, however, understand what he must do.

Rohit Sharma vs Amit Mishra in IPL – 7 Dismissals

Delhi Capitals or DC spinner Amit Mishra set a new record in the IPL (Indian Premier League). It was by taking the valuable scalp of Mumbai Indian skipper Rohit Sharma.

The DC spinner currently holds the record for dismissing Rohit Sharma the most times in the T20 event.

In the Indian Premier League or IPL, Amit Mishra has struck out Rohit Sharma seven times. However, former Indian bowler Vinay Kumar had the wood on the Mumbai Indians (MI) skipper.

Sunil Narine of the KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders) has dismissed the great batsman six times in the IPL.

Amith Mishra also tied Sandeep Sharma and Zaheer Khan for the most times a batsman has been dismissed in the IPL.

In the T20 competition, the former Indian bowler took out Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni seven times while dismissing Royal Challengers Bangalore leader Virat Kohli seven times.

Rohit Sharma attempted to knock Mishra out of the park. But he gave Steve Smith a routine catch at long-on for 44 runs out of 30 balls.

Mishra went for runs in the first over, but he bowled Rohit and Hardik Pandya in the second over, causing a mini-collapse.

Zaheer Khan vs Graeme Smith – 13 Dismissals

According to statistics, there has always been significant competition between the South African opener and Indian bowler, which the former Indian has usually gained.

In Graeme Smith’s whole career, it was the Mumbai pacer who had bothered him the most. Smith was knocked 13 times by Zaheer in 25 matches, but his post shows that the former Indian swing bowler’s bowling has left an indelible impression on the African hitter.

Zaheer has disturbed and accounted for the wickets of some of the best left-handed hitters in the game.

Smith has been duped in this manner on several occasions, resulting in his missing the cut shot. As a result, he can locate the guy at a point or clip off behind the stumps.

Babar Azam vs Josh Hazlewood – 8 Dismissals

Babar Azam is unquestionably one of the top all-round batters in the game right now. And there is one bowler, Zimbabwe’s young, promising quick Blessing Muzarabani, who has yet to get the log over even the Pakistan skipper.

Along with Sri Lanka pacer Nuwan Pradeep and England wrist-spinner Adil Rashid, Muzarabani has five dismissals of Babar at the highest level.

Josh Hazlewood, an Australian fast bowler, holds the record for knocking Babar Azam the most in international cricket.

Babar Azam should be a little more laid-back. Switching on and off is critical for a captain. When the action is happening, he must be switched on. He must also take a break when his activity is finished. He puts extra pressure on himself.

James Anderson vs Sachin Tendulkar – 9 Dismissals

James Anderson knocked Sachin Tendulkar nine times out of 14 tests. It was four times in India and five innings in shifting English conditions.

In the most extended version of the game, that’s the most the ‘Master Blaster’ has fallen to a single bowler.

James Anderson’s record of success against the world’s greatest run-scorer began in the 2006 Mumbai Test. It finished in England’s 2012 away series victory over India.

Here’s a look at the historical film of Sachin Tendulkar being sent back to the pavilion nine times. Thanks to Anderson’s batting ability!

James Anderson has had a lot of success against Indian skipper Virat Kohli, who is popularly regarded as the ‘Future Sachin Tendulkar’ of Indian cricket.

The bowler has bowled the right-handed batsman five times during India’s 2014 tour to England.

Apart from Virat Kohli, Jacques Kallis and Kumar Sangakkara are two other noteworthy former cricketers dismissed seven times individually by James Anderson.

Incoming deliveries are Sachin’s vulnerability, as is left-arm spin. He’s also not great against left-arm quick bowlers.

Sachin Tendulkar has several assets as well as some flaws. Balls on pads would be smashed, as would balls outside on a length. He struggled with the identical balls that bounced differently and were a touch outside of his grasp. Off cutters/inswingers cause more problems than leg cutters/outswingers.

Examining the dismissals we’ve received:

  • Bowled: Throughout history, several types of dismissal have been used.
  • LBWs: This style of rejection has shifted the opposite way.
  • Wicketkeeper Catch
  • Fielders Catch
  • Catch
  • Run out

Every type of dismissal will provide insight into this exciting part of the game. So GamePlan Today have a strange sense that this follow-up investigation will be fascinating.

Even though cricket is a stressful sport on the field, there have been several instances of strange and amusing dismissals.

In cricket, getting out is an essential part of the game. However, this fundamental aspect can occasionally turn amusing or weird. Cricket is a gentleman’s game, but it can also be entertaining.

Batters have often been dismissed in ways that have made the spectators, observers, and, of course, the players laugh or surprised.

After reading our GamePlan Today Talks, we hope you feel a similar sensation. So, above are the top well-planned dismissals in cricket history.

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