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Hello to all GameToday Talks followers! We are here with a blog offering keen insights into bat selection and the best methods to pick the bats.

Our research team finds this blog will be beneficial for both beginners and professional batters.

While selecting a bat, we have two types: Non-technical and Technical. First, let us see what all comprises in the section.

  1. Non-Techincal Part of Bat Selection
  2. Techincal Part of Bat Selection
  3. Right Hand & Left Hand Bats

Non-Techincal Part of Bat Selection

Non-Technical includes differentiating an individual whether they are professional, intermediate, or beginner. It also has for which zoner the batter will be playing the match and the size of the batter.

The next stage identifies which willow the batter will need and for which match like net practice or the match. We must also look into the handles required for the bats. The non-technical here means comprising the individual game details of the batter other than the bat’s willow. Finally, the batsmen must check the balance of the bat.

For example, if an individual is intermediate, the bat will shoot in either way. But for beginners, the profile of the batters must be checked. It is mandatory as well. Also, the factors like rotator, opening batsman, or rough & tough batters should be considered.

The primary factor while selecting a bat is that a bat must be considered part of the batsmen’s body. In addition, the grip must be perfect to begin the play. So, the best advice is to handle the bat and check the grip before batting.

Also, while picking a bat, any individual will try their favourite shots. But, the batters must choose the bats and practice the shots they feel tough or are not familiar with.

In the cricket game, there are only five types of bowling. So the batters should pick the shots they feel they are weaker with.

Those mentioned above are the non-technical part while choosing the bat. Let us now move into the technical aspect of bat selection.

Techincal Part of Bat Selection

The technical part of bat selection includes looking into the willow, tone checking (half-white or half-red), and profile check. For a batter, profile checking seems complicated. So, the batsmen must be careful while checking the bat’s profile for selection. The profile check plays a significant role to play all shots.

The colour of the willow doesn’t matter at all. The batters must also check the punch of the bat.

Right Hand & Left Hand Bats

There are differences in choosing the bats for the right-hand and left-hand players. Willow selection is essential for both batters.

The double-tone or the reddish part must be at the inside edge for the batsmen for right-hand batters. The double-tone or the reddish part must be at the outside edge for the batsmen for left-hand batters.

While batting in power mode, the inside edge is the part that can get more hits. Hence, it is mandatory to keep an eye on this while selecting the bat.

The reddish part of the bat will be 100% match, and the whitish rest of the bat will be  80% hard.

The abovementioned factors are to be considered only for the beginning batsman or intermediate. The elements don’t matter a lot for the professional since they will be well-versed in their pros and flaws.

Summing Up, this blog is wholly structured based on real-time advice from the bat manufacturers. GamePlan Today hopes this blog will help everyone out there while selecting the bats and kickstart their career. So, meet you all at the following GamePlan Today Talks.