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Cricket has traditionally been a gentleman’s game. The players from many generations have shown this repeatedly. Yet, even while the intense rivalry and certain dramatic situations might wear players out, some players manage to smile through it all.

While it is a misconception that cricket is a gentleman’s sport, we have witnessed numerous players over the years. Besides their talents, they have impressed us in amazement with their calm and collected attitude. Also, the way they handled themselves both off and on the field.

Being a gentleman has a somewhat different connotation in the current game regarding cricket. The phrase now highlights the acts of sportsmanship that recall recollections of how players treated the game for a long time.

In many ways, this fits under the umbrella of the Spirit of Cricket, which became famous in the late 1990s.

Ted Dexter and Colin Cowdrey, two former England captains, promoted this idea. They wished to remind cricket players who had a responsibility to conduct themselves in a gentlemanly manner at all times.

In the 2000s, when the Cricket’s MCC Laws were amended, a prologue was inserted that emphasized such ideals.

Some cricketers have been positive role models for both on- and off-field behaviour. Their attitude, in particular, has helped them capture the hearts of millions of people all around the world. However, even though they play for the opposing side, supporters never praise them.

GamePlan Today Talks now compiles a list of most loved XI players who displayed the appropriate mentality while playing the sport. Also, they have set an example for people of the future to follow.

To honour the contributions of such individuals here is s a compilation of the world cricket’s most loved XI Gentlemen of all time.

  1. Rahul Dravid

Dravid was the definition of a true team player, constantly putting the needs of his teammates ahead of his self-interest.

Dravid was the perfect team player and a captain’s joy. He was one competent team player, starting the session in test cricket or maintaining wickets in ODIs to allow the side to play an extra batter.

Harsha Bhogle famously stated, if the team tells Rahul Dravid to run on water, Rahul will ask, “How Many Kilometers?”

That phrase reflects Rahul Dravid’s character as a gentleman and a true team player.

  1. H Amla

Hashim Amla was a consummate gentleman who played the sport with the greatest sincerity and courage. He was a smiling murderer and defined guts, mental strength, and perseverance.

Amla played just like Cook. Amla will let his bat do the job in every game version.

H Amla retired from cricket in 2019. But it was not before scoring 1277, 8113, and 9282 runs in 44 T20Is, 181 ODIs, and 124 tests, respectively. So it was with 55 tonnes, four double-hundreds, and a triple-hundred.

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  1. K Williamson

The always-smiling Kane Williamson is one of the most incredible batters of the contemporary era. Also, he was the most modest player in the game.

Williamson’s silky touch with the bat and his captivating grin and calm, collected manner has helped him win over many admirers from all around the world.

Kane Williamson, the captain of New Zealand, has a massive fan base that expands by giant leaps. Fans adore him for his calm, collected attitude and humility both off and field.

After the devastating finale to the 2019 World Cup final, he acted genuinely admirable.

The Kiwis are said to be excellent and friendly people. Williamson can attest to this to the nth degree.

Despite being unfortunate on the sports field several times, he maintains his cool and smiles even in the most trying of circumstances.

  1. Ab de Villiers

AB de Villiers is undoubtedly the only player more prevalent in India than in his native South Africa.

When AB de Villiers declared that he would no longer perform international cricket for Southern Africa, his supporters were in tears.

Even though he hasn’t performed international cricket in a while, he keeps winning hearts in franchise cricket worldwide.

De Villiers is, without a doubt, India’s most famous foreign cricketer. His IPL counterattack earned him the nickname Mr 360 degrees. When he was competing against India in India, the audience cheered him on.

And it’s not just because of his incredible batting abilities. It is because he is a down-to-earth, no-nonsense player.

The champion cricketer never let his rockstar status get in the way of his ethics during his tenure. It wasn’t even when he was at the pinnacle of his abilities.

He was always very competitive, yet he never crossed the line. So it will be no surprise that he is one of the game’s gentlemen.

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  1. A Cook

Alastair Cook was not just one of the best test openers of all time. He was also the definition of somebody who played the sport with the finest modesty and sincerity.

Cook avoided criticizing the opponent at all costs, preferring to let his bat do the speaking. And his bat did a lot of talking.

The renowned English batsman was instrumental in his team’s victories in  India and Australia in 2012/13 and 2010/11.

He retired from the sport in 2018. So it was after accumulating 12472 Test runs at an average of 45.35 in 161 matches, including 57 fifties and 33 hundred.

  1. M Hussey

It’s easy to argue that Michael Hussey’s on-field behaviour was very UnAustralian.

Hussey was a member of one of Australia’s most potent teams in the 2000s, which specialized in sledging the opponent.

Unlike his colleagues, Hussey, on the other hand, never engaged in such shenanigans, preferring to let his bat do the job.

Hussey is, without a doubt, one of the finest and famous Australian cricketers in the world, particularly in India.

  1. J Holder

Jason Holder has made himself one of the best all-rounders in the current period of the game.

And, aside from his all-around abilities and disposition, his calm and collected manner shines out.

Holder led the squad with the most incredible humility when experienced players quit Test cricket to pursue the money in T20 Leagues.

J Holder has won the hearts of his colleagues and the public in general by his outstanding exploits.

  1. M Muralitharan

Muttiah Muralitharan, the ultimate sailing executioner, was an excellent illustration of someone who executes you gently.

With his youthful talents, the off-spin maestro used to unsettle hitters. However, he often did so with a perpetual smile on his face.

The legendary off-spinner was a perfect gentleman in every meaning of the word. M Muralitharan was one of the competition’s great personalities.

  1. B Kumar

Bhuvneshwar Kumar of India, who is similar to Trent Boult, never sledges or criticizes his opponents.

Bhuvi conducts himself in a gentlemanly style. He always seems to smile on his face, but he is also highly competitive and never gives the competition an inch.

His abilities, not his mouth, speak for themselves.

  1. L Malinga

Lasith Malinga, like his colleague Muttiah Muralitharan, was a smiling executioner.

Lasith Malinga is one of the finest white-ball bowlers of any time. He is undoubtedly the finest T20 bowler of all time.

He also controlled batters all over the globe with his incredible skills and rubbed salt in the wound. He used to chuckle while he did so.

  1. T Boult

Aren’t fast bowlers supposed to be harsh, aggressive, and violent? Trent Boult of New Zealand is one rare exception to this stereotype.

Trent Boult has everything as a fast bowler. He’s tall, he can move the ball both ways, and he can deliver a terrific bouncer or hit a yorker with equal aplomb.

He differs from other pacers in that he hardly resorts to giving batters a hard time. Instead, he relies on his abilities and lets the ball speak for itself.

Cricket, which began as a wealthy man’s pastime a few years ago, has recently taken on professional dimensions.These players have been the role models for the millions of heart around the world

Previously, there was a thought that the game was much too holy to be influenced by robust public demands. But nowadays, with jobs on the line, players frequently cross the line.

The use of financial penalties has only served to reduce, rather than eliminate, the conflict between players on the field. Despite this, several cricketers have served as role models in every aspect.

They had led by example for future people to adopt how to play the sport with the proper attitude and enthusiasm.

All of this has not entailed any compromise in terms of results. On the contrary, it has only helped them better their sport.

These gentlemen have demonstrated that high-quality cricket. Moreover, they can perform it without engaging in verbal sparring. Instead, they believe in allowing the ball/bat to speak for itself.

Cricket is still one gentleman’s game, but technological advancements and a win-at-all-costs mindset have begun to erode some of the ideals that many hold dear.

Cricket is a strange combination of paradoxes in many aspects: the term gentleman itself sounds outmoded, but it is still as crucial as ever.