The Story of the Cricket Sport | Evolution of Cricket Traditions and History

Isn’t Cricket is a famous sport for all?

And to the surprise, India is highly associated with cricket and its the best hobby sport for all age group peoples and India is highly synonymous with the sport cricket. It was the sport that was played only by the British people and how it got normalized with other countries and above all how the sport is highly synonymous to the country India?

In this blog let’s have a glance at the evolution & normalization of sport in other countries.

The sport Cricket dates back to the 13th century, the sport was introduced to North America Via the English Colonies, and later in the 17th and 18th centuries, the sport Cricket begins to arrive across the globe.

The sport Cricket is backed with a taboo that it will be played by higher class people and later it is played equally by people without any discrimination. After colonization began in 1788, the sport Cricket reached Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa in the early 19th Century.

The sport Cricket is defined as a boy’s game and in the year 1744 the law for the cricket protocols are established and are amended with the innovations like lbw, 3rs stump, the middle stump & width of the cricket bats are added to the amendments. Sports Cricket dates back to 500 years ago.

Till 18the century the bats were roughly estimated to be the size of the hockey sticks, curving downward at the bottom. Where the boys in the town would have played with the tree stumps with two uprights and crossbars.

The ball could be the stones they throw against the team opponent with an ideal weight between 5.5 and 5.75 ounces. The bat would be from the branch of the tree which is considerably longer and heavier. As bowling technique was with the modern advancements, the batting dominated bowling in the early period of the 18th century.

In the era of History, Cricket has a major role in how it had evolved from the tree stumps to the wooden stumps, stone to the ball, and hockey sticks to the bat.

In the year 1930, there was an amendment that cricket is a sport for high-class people and this existed before 1930 only. As the days evolve the sport is been globally recognized and it existed as a sport that is meant for all.

The team West indies ignored the people of England in their Cricket sport and the beauty is that the team was lead by an England cricketer. Thus, cricket was primarily limited to commonwealth countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, England, West Indies, Zimbabwe, South Africa & Kenya.

The sport was a Villager’s game!

There was some rule that existed and however during to modernization the protocols are been rephrased as per the amendments.

The rules of the Cricket game were formed before the Industrial revolution and hence there was no strict timeline for the match and they were playing till the match was called off and as days evolve the timeline is bounded in terms of overs.

Cricket was played on the common lands in the countryside and the size of the common land varied from village and region to region. Now as things are evolved we have got a stadium for the matches to happen amongst the teams.

Materials used in the game!

The materials used in the game were natural resources like wood that is the bats and the stumps were made from the wood. With the advancements, the new evolution happened in the sport with the invention of vulcanized rubber, protective gloves & protective helmets.

India Cricket Club!

The British had introduced the sport to India in early 1700, and the first cricket match was played in India in the year 1721. In the year 1848, the Oriental Cricket club was formed and this was the first cricket club, which was introduced for the Indian cricket players and was initiated by the Parsi community in Bombay.

The first cricket club in India!

The First recorded match for the team India was in the year 1751 and the first cricket club was established in Calcutta in the year 1792. However the evolution of the sport seems interesting and for the readers, it would have thrown some light on the evolution of the sport!