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What are we going to see in this blog? It’s about the most significant league spinner of all time and the most excellent T20 leg spinner.

Yes! It is about Rashid Khan & Shane Warne’s Leg-Spi MasterClass. So let us all dive into reading this now.

GamePlan Today Talks Highlights

  1. Rashid Khan’s Speaks
  2. Warne’s Grip Tip
  3. Rashid about the Wrong Ones
  4. 3 Different Wrong Ones

Rashid Khan’s Speaks

“I think it is amazing to be here. I’m not lucky to be playing here, but hopefully, next year, I think it’s one of the best out of the ground I have ever seen in my life. I can’t wait to play here. You know it’s amazing. It’s beautiful”.

Warne’s Grip Tip

Warnes talks about his grip tip. Let us look at what he told us all.

Warne says, “I will usually get out of the way. Look! The thing that fascinated me and our last night oncoming spin was generally when we bowlers a leg spinner like any bowler, you want to try and work out what place you need to bowl on the pitch. So I had one grip for each of all deliveries.

I bowl, which is just a simple grip there for the kids. It is on two fingers down two fingers up the ball would slot in there, and then that finger there would be used to either spin it as a leg break a top spinner or wrong and out in the back.

I had to say Rashid got five. How many fives rips? But, he tries and works out that pace the ball on the pitch quickly”.

Rashid added, “If a single grip doesn’t or is not working, I will go to another new grip immediately. If that doesn’t work, I just keep going through the grips”.

Rashid about the Wrong Ones

Rashid says, “ Exactly, I like, and even I will say I love the wrong one. That is something heavy like, you might know they love it when you know bowling the wrong one. But I think I’m boiling it the last night. Like you know where he wants to hit me and what his mind is right now and which reason he’s playing. So either he’s entirely playing my wrong one. Are you serious about waiting until the last minute?

So interesting about rash was he uses the top of his fingers to spin the ball.  Warne added he doesn’t see the spinner in that put extra pieces. But, he said, “Well, you know, I use top of the fingers. I lose my pitch”.

Warne says, “Various young people are commonly told gripping the balls either like a spinner, or wrong one, an off-spinner. A leg spinner left-arm or orthodox whatever you are, grip it tight. I always found for any young person.

The best advice was the grip it whatever suited you but loosely. Because that makes you feel friendly and relaxed. It has more chance of delivering the skills”.

3 Different Wrong Ones

Warne says, “You’ve got three different wrong ones. More from the sidearm, and it looks like a leg-spin. Another is probably higher and dropping the ball using fingers. The last is not using the shoulder arms”.

It was great to hear and write about this Leg-Spin Masterclass by Shane Warne & Rashid Khan. You know, they both shared their outstanding experience and the mistakes they made.

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