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A slight confusion is quite natural and familiar with students or adults while deciding their career path. And few might even worry a lot about developing and building their career.

Many might get a solution for their career path or career search very instantly. Few will search for a longer time, and the rest will still search for it. Exploring all fields in childhood can be the best possible solution for making a great career.

Considering the records, people who have explored their fields at a very young age seem to have and enjoy their brightest future.

We could have got a lot of inspirations from our young age like cricketer Sachin Tendulkar or scientist APJ Kalam Sir. And we would be dreaming of becoming a cricketer or scientists. But, to be more honest, not everyone dreams right. But if they desire it, they achieve it. So, dreaming their career right shall be an eye-opener for many.

Nethra Kumanan’s Special Feature in Her Cap

Nethra Kumanan is the first woman from Tamil Nadu, India, to qualify for the Olympics directly.

What’s Nethra Kumanan’s Game?

Nethra’s game is related to body strengths, and this game has been in Olympics since its initial days. Do they need only body strength? Well! Mental power also matters here in this game. The game will need more strength and individualism.

Any guesses of what that game is? It’s Yachting. It is a game for racing or sailing on yachts. Usually, in Kerala, a team of sailors performs this game.

Now, the Yachting game has turned to be an individual game as well. There are around 51 zones inside the yachting game, which is happening all over the world. However, out of these 51 categories in the yachting game, only ten have been legally verified and authorized in Olympics.

Which class does Nethra Kumanan belong to?

The ten qualified Olympic games under yachting have got names that are difficult to understand or pronounce. However, the regular game followers could find them easily.

So, under which of these ten classes did Nethra Kumanan find her career path? So naturally, it’s Laser Radial Class in which she has got specialized. She is the first woman competitor for this Olympic game.

Who is Nethra Kumanan?

On August 27, 1997, Nethra was born as the youngest daughter of V C Kumanan in Chennai.

What does she practice?

During her childhood, she usually loved her summer camp and explored more of it. Also, she studied music by learning it besides karate and drawing. 

One year, Chennai announced teaching students about sailing. So, Nethra’s father made Nethra join that class. After joining this class, Nethra enjoyed sailing. Hence, she spent a lot of time sailing, ignoring the rest activities. Finally, as a result of her practice, Nethra got qualified for the Asian Championship.

After being selected for this Championship, Nethra’s father was delighted. Nethra’s school gave her strictly ten days for participating in this competition.

Nethra’s father got her TC from that school and did her practice to the core for the game. Finally, after being entirely equipped to sacrifice her public examination, she qualified and received the first prize. But in finals, she couldn’t receive any cups.

After this competition, Nethra’s father made sure to get her gold medal in the upcoming championships. With her hard work and practice, she won the gold in Nationals.

Nethra ensures to hit at least one medal in the world events. In 2020, Nethra got qualified for Olympics.

Let us wait for nail-biting Nethra’s performance in the Olympics.