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GamePlan Today welcomes you to the all-new episode. Yes! We are going to explore one of the best sports shops. Any guesses of the place with a lot of cricket stuff with them? They are the KV Sports & Traders. The exact location is Ponneri, Chennai. This sports shop is an authorized dealer was many of the top brands.

So, why the shop has been located in Ponneri? The one primary reason is that many sports shops are located in the city’s heart. The shop had chosen this location to offer all people situated in the city’s outskirts. As a result, the people near Ponneri will not have more access to sports brands. This shop broke the rule and made the brands reach Ponnerin people.

They offer no quality compromise products at your budget. Even courier services are available with charges. The shop is one wholesale shop that spreads its delivery service all over India. There will be a 10 to 20% discount in this shop. 

The premium and various bats are neatly arranged in the shop’s racks. The brands of bat offered in the shop include

  • SS
  • RNS
  • TON
  • SG
  • Gray Nicolls
  • SG – Century Classic
  • SG – Sunny Tonny
  • Genius MRF
  • SF
  • DSC
  • Adidas
  • CEAT
  • KV
  • PRO
  • SM
  • GM
  • NB – New Model

The KV is the bat manufactured and sold by KV Sports & Traders. The shop will also have keeping gloves, thy pads, helmets starting from top-ends premium brands to lower brands.

When you enter the shop, the shop offers their service and products at your comfortable budget with discounts on the price.

Know what? The shop has got the injury tapes of high quality. This injury tape will safeguard the player from getting a brutal hit or injured while playing the sport. This is helpful for physio as well. It protects the players from getting deep into injury.

The shop also has a loop band and supporter of premier quality. They also offer fielding gloves and theraband for protecting the player’s muscles. The Thera-band is provided with high, low, and medium varieties to aid in flexibility.

The additional head supporter will also be provided here. The customers can make the best use of the products or services.

So, what next? It’s KV’s Jaguar ball which has got a huge name and reputation in the market. The KV Jaguar balls are known for their long life. They also give SG balls with neat and perfect packaging. The SG balls they offer are

  • SG Club
  • SG Campus
  • SG – Pink Ball
  • SG Bouncer

They have a QR code scanner for each ball, and they pack them all using a cloth wrapper. In addition, the shop has got huge stocks of pads, gloves, bats, balls, guards, helmets, bands, wipes, tracks, tee-shirts, carrom board, stumps, and running aid.

In fact, they are the brand and authorized dealer of Tyca. What else? They have thy pads, double thy, and shoes.

The remarkable thing about the KV Sports & Traders is that they offer training kit bags of their own brand. They have a wide range of kit bags for juniors, seniors, and men with different colours and sizes.  They will arrange and offer the kit bags as per the customer’s requirements.

All child cricketers offer plastic balls with yellow, pink, white, and orange colours. Also, they have handles and keep gloves in 3 different colours. Finally, they have sweat observers that are widely varied from the skins.

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