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Considering the court measurements for the Kho-Kho game, it completely varies for both men and women.

Kho-Kho History

The origin of the Kho-Kho game is Maharastra. Even during the times of World War, this game existed.

In 1955, the Kho-Kho Federation of India was started. In 1959, the first National Championship for the Kho-Kho sport was conducted.

In 1996, the game was included in Asian Games. The second Asian Games was conducted in Bangladesh, and the third Asian Championship was born in Maharastra. In 1999, Asian Kho-Kho Federation (AKKF) was formed. 

Kho-Kho Court Measurement for Men & Women

The sideline for Men’s Kho-Kho Court is 27 meters, whereas for women is 23 meters. Therefore, the end line for men is 16 meters. For women’s court, the end line is 14 meters.

Considering the diagonal distance, the full court diagonal distance is 31.4 meters for men. However, in the women’s court, the full court diagonal distance is 26.92 meters.

Moving to the half-court diagonal distance, the sideline is 27 meters for men. Thus, for men, the half-court diagonal length is 27 meters divided by 2, 13.5 meters.

For women, the sideline is 23 meters. Therefore, the half-court diagonal distance is obtained by dividing 23 meters by 2. So, the half-court diagonal length for women is 11.5 meters.

Now, going to the end line, it is 16 meters for the men’s court and 14 meters for the women’s court.

Taking half-court diagonal distance from the sideline, we get 20.93 meters for men and 18.18 meters for women.

Let us now see how much it takes for a full court.

Measurements for Men

The sideline is 27 meters for men, and the end line is 16 meters. So taking 1.50 meters from the end line, we will get a free zone.

Now, we can take the centerline, which is 7.85 meters from the end line on both sides. Therefore, the distance between both sides must be 30 centimetres.

Taking 2.55 meters from the free zone’s post line, we need to draw a line. After taking this, we need eight boxes with 2.30 meters each.

The sitting box must have a measurement of 30*30 centimetres. Therefore, we need eight sitting boxes with the exact measurements.

Team A & Team B will have different entry zone. The space between both teams is where the scorer and timekeeper settle.

From post line to post line, it should measure 24 meters. All the measurements mentioned above are for men.

The height for men’s posts can be between 120 centimetres to 125 centimetres. The diameter can be between 9 centimetres to 10 centimetres.

The court players are 12 players with nine leading players. The eight players should be seated in the opposite direction, with one player at the post. He is the chasing player.

Defending can be done in the order of 3 players. The game’s total duration is 9 minutes. It takes place in 2 innings.

Measurement for Women

The sideline should measure 23 meters. The end line is 14 meters. Box measurement should be 30 centimetres. The free zone is 1.50 meters from the end line. From the post line, take 2.15 meters for the box.

From the centerline, we need to take 6.85 meters to make the sitting box. The distance between each sitting box is 1.90 meters. The cross line separates each sitting box.

For women’s court, the post line to post line is 20 meters.

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