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GamePlan Today hopes you all remember the last few episodes of the Extreme E series. So let us continue those tracks with the flow.

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Extreme E, a worldwide motorsport adventure, aims to make a truly global impact by bringing the world’s attention to the issues we face due to climate change by racing in some of our planet’s most remote and threatened locations.

While in Greenland for the Arctic X Pre, the championship was lucky enough to have an icon in the fight against climate change.

Christiana Figueres is on site. While she was the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change, her work created the historic Paris agreement.

Christiana Figueres Words:

She said, “In 2015, 195 countries came together and unanimously decided on what direction of travel everyone is going to be travelling in, what the finish line is, and what the intermediate milestones are. The focus of the journey is global decarbonization. The Paris Agreement also establishes the finish line, which is zero net emissions by 2050. The Paris Agreement also establishes the intermediate milepost, which is every five years for every country to come forward with additional contributions, so that’s the Paris agreement in racing terms. However, contrasting to this race wherein there will be one winner in climate change, there cannot be one winner. Everyone needs to win, or we all lose, and that’s the difference.

Extreme E has been beneficial to understand the changes that we must undergo in three different areas. Number one, these cars are pushing the envelope of technology and electrification of transport. Secondly, Extreme E is fascinating because this is the first motorsport that gives women equal standing as men. Here in the contest is these drivers’ professional experience, which provides women with an incredible opportunity. And the third thing is precisely what we’re doing right now is to help communicate to take the message and the understanding of climate change to much broader audiences. The audience here is 20 million people, which is significantly greater than the number of individuals who generally hear about climate change.

What has brought a new sense of urgency in the past two reports from science and the combination of the two has alerted us that we are running out of time at a very much accelerated speed than we thought. You will have seen fires in almost every continent floods in every continent. This is no longer climate change. It truly is climate chaos.

The last report has told us that we’re in danger of surpassing the maximum temperature increase that we could allow for humans to stay inhabitable areas around the world as quickly as 2030 to 2040. So, we live in the most decisive decade in humankind’s history, and that is no exaggeration.  We have the rest of this decade to half our emissions, and the exciting thing is that everyone can contribute. We can all be part of actually building a much stronger and more resilient society, and we have to frankly, it’s not an option.

Updated Racing Format:

With the racing format updated ahead of the Arctic X-Pre, the final would see five cars do battle for the first time. The nine teams would be split based on qualifying into two semi-finals and the crazy race. The semi-final races saw three cars battle, with the top two finishers from each race progressing to the final. X-44 made it from the semi-final one after a dramatic finish.

With four spots of five filled, it was down to the crazy race to decide who would claim the final grid slot and stay in the running for the Arctic X-Pre Crown.

After a disastrous issue-filled qualifying session a day earlier with the gruelling Arctic X Pre-race course taking its toll on the field, it was the last chance for the bottom three teams to progress to the final.

The two racing teams lined up to battle it out and secured their ticket to the main event. Interested to know more? Follow our blogs to know the updates.