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Offering a twist to the GamePlan Today Talks Series, we will be moving into the insights of a success story.

Yes! It is about the most trending sports platform and application. It’s Dream11.

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  1. Dream11 History
  2. Strategy
  3. Tax & Marketing
  4. Free Contest
  5. Invest & Gain
  6. Share & Gain
  7. Game Format

Dream11 History

Dream11 became the first Indian gaming firm to become a unicorn in April 2019. Users may play fantasy cricket, hockey, football, kabaddi, and basketball on Dream11, an Indian fantasy sports portal. It is an online application and sports platform that more than 7 crore people have used.


Many might have noticed that every company will have its marketing strategy. It is basically for removing the defects of the products or services, if any.

Also, the strategies are used to create trustworthiness among the people to make them prefer those products or services.

So, what did Dream11 company do?

Well! At first, the company got filed in many cases claiming that it is one betting application. So the first move that Dream11 company made was to remove their brand as a betting application in people’s minds. So instead, Dream11 claimed their company as a skilled-based logic application.

Then for improving the trustworthiness, the company used many strategies. First, it is by reaching people through a brand ambassador. So, yeah!  Harsha Bhogle was the first brand ambassador of Dream11. Then, it was CSK’s captain, MS Dhoni. This is how the company created trustworthiness by choosing the trending and most iconic sportsperson.

Tax & Marketing

Dream11, to date, is expected to pay our Indian Government about 30% of tax. The company is spending more on advertisements both online and offline.

Dream11 make sure their advertisement pops up in the most ranking sports website and applications. Also, the ad displays the winning person with the cash amount.  

Through this, the company renamed their brand in the people’s minds as a winning show application rather than a betting application.

Free Contest

Initially, the application offers a “Free Contest”. This means the user doesn’t need to pay any amount of cash at the initial time. It is like a free attempt or a free trial.

The application at the bottom will have a zero-fee spot in which the users can play and win the game.

Invest & Gain

The free trial strategy stimulates the user to invest and gain. The user can either get regular decent cash or a lump sum amount based on their logical skills.

Share & Gain

There is a Share & Gain option which is similar to a friend’s referral. Also, only if the referred person plays the game, the shared person will receive their cash.

This is one marketing strategy where many people will get to know about the application and the game.

The application will offer bonus points. It can compensate for the lost cash in the game. There are a few conditions in using the bonus amount as well. The user can use only 10% of the bonus amount. Otherwise, the deposited amount must be used.   

The bonus comes with an expiry date. So, the user must make use of the bonus amount before they get expire.

Game Format

The game starts from Level 1 and continues to Level N. The application shows the weekly leaderboard displaying the week’s highest points and net value. 

Summing Up, GamePlan Today Talks expects you all have got the success story and strategy of the Dream11 application. We will meet you all in some exciting new blog.

Disclaimer: We neither promote nor collaborate with Dream11. We are just taking the motivational and successful part of the company for inspiration. Therefore, GamePlan Today is entirely away from these promotions.