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Hello GamePlan Today Readers & Followers! Today GamePlan Today Talks is back with another exciting blog.

It is another helpful blog about the sports shop. Yes! It is the DK Sports Shop, Sri Perymbudur of Tamil Nadu. But, this time, we will be looking for the cricket gloves repairing services.

Let us have a deep view into this.

The Talk Spot

  1. DK Sports Shop
  2. Charges & Pricing Strategy
  3. Elasticity
  4. The Stitching Procedure
  5. Other Services

DK Sports Shop

DK Sports shop has been stitching the damaged gloves with a perfect finish using manual and machine support.

The shop owner gave a clear explanation and his experience. Let us look into those words.

The leather has three types. They can be made from

  • Calf Leather
  • Sheep Leather
  • Pittard Leather

Charges & Pricing Strategy

For a pair of gloves, let us see the rates the DK Sports shop is offering its services.

The charges that DK Sports shop usually charge varies based on the leather types. Looking into the pricing strategy the shop follows, they charge

  • The calf leather rate is comparatively low. They commonly charge 600 rupees for this type.
  • The charge for sheep leather is 650 rupees. And finally,
  • The Pittard leather is set the highest in this shop. The rate is 700 rupees.

When it comes to a single piece, the charges can be divided by 2. So, the pricing strategy for a single piece of gloves is

  • For calf leather, single-piece charge = 600/2 = 300 rupees
  • In the case of sheep leather, single-piece rate = 650/2 = 325 rupees
  • Finally, for the Pittard leather, single-piece charge = 700/2 = 350 rupees


Another service DK Sports offer is replacing or repairing the elastics in gloves. The charge for this service is 400 rupees. The rate is for a pair of gloves.

The issue of elasticity arises when the velcro is lost. In case of replacing the velcro, for a pair of gloves, they charge 100 rupees.

The Stitching Procedure

In a few scenarios, when the gloves are torn, they remove the uppermost portion of the gloves. After firing, the skeleton of a glove can be seen. Then, they will start stitching the gloves from the beginning.

After removing the topmost part, the palm part is usually stitched separately. It will then be attached to the gloves.

They start stitching from the little finger, and then they finish it at the thumb finger position. 

Other Services

The other services the DK Sports shop provides is given the following. If an individual is a left-hand batsman and needs left-hand gloves instead of right-hand, the shop can redo that.

Also, if an individual is a right-hand batsman and needs right-hand gloves instead of left-hand, the shop can redo that.

These are the other services the DK Sports shop offers. The quality of leather the shop uses is price-worthy.

The finish after their stitching seems so perfect that there are no gaps between the glove’s fingers. As a result, the gloves feel more comfortable and adaptable as well.

Few shops might add varnish to the gloves after stitching as per the shape. However, the other shops do this to get gapless gloves and to hide the flaws of stitching.

But, the DK Sports shop offers a complete finish to provide a perfect grip to the cricket players.

The shop even accepts courier services. After repairing the gloves, they send them back to their customers. The courier charge is 50 rupees per glove.

GamePlan Today Talks hopes we give you all more exciting knowledge through this blog. We will meet next soon in another episode.