CSK Player Suresh Raina Talks with his Priyanka Raina | Super Couple Speaks

In this blog, GamePlan Today will be talking about the CSK team’s “China Thala” Raina and his wife.

It has been six years for them with a lot of beautiful moments. They now have two children.

Priyanka Raina about her husband, Suresh Raina:

Priyanka Raina started her talks with the learning from Suresh Raina. She added that both of them learnt from each other.

They both came from different backgrounds and had different career paths. But, of course, Priyanka Raina is from a corporate experience, and Raina is from sports.

This difference in career allowed them to learn from each other and share. That made Raina and his wife stay excited as always.

Priyanka added that with kids, they had the best fun time at home. She praised Raina that he was the most amazing father once could be with both the children.

Mrs Raina felt blessed to have such kind of beautiful family.

Suresh Raina’s Words:

The CSK’s top-order batsman shares few words about his wife. So let us get to know how he feels for Priyanka Raina.

Recollecting his memories, Raina told him he met Priyanka since she used to visit his house. Raina’s brother used to teach Priyanka. His brother’s wife and Priyanka were studying together in the school named “Jawaharlal Nehru”.

Raina then went to his boarding school and came back from his school. He met Priyanka Raina for the first time.

After that, Raina met Priyanka at the airport. In 2008, at the airport, they bumped into each other. Raina was unsure whether he went to Australia or some domestic game or India’s game that time.

You or Me Between Raina & Priyanka:

Some of the quick questions were asked to both of them. Let us have a look at some exciting questions among them and the answers they gave.

So, the first question was

Who is most likely to forget birthdays?

Can you guess the answer to this? Well! They were honest enough and answered that no one would forget.

Coming to the next question

Who will be most likely to spend a lot of money on something silly?

Again the answer both of them gave was “None of us”.

Quiet kind of Couple Goals, Right?

Who is most likely to hide behind a pillow while watching a horror film?

Can you imagine what answer they both might have given?

It was one of the cutest answers. The name they told was Gracia, Raina’s daughter.

She always watches scary movies. Especially she wants to watch the film together.

Who cooks excellent food?

In this answer, the couple will remind us of their goals yet again. Priyanka pointed Raina, and Raina told their daughter Gracia.

Finally, they told both of them to enjoy cooking together.

What’s the next segment now?

Yeah! It’s the Super Connect

Raina was asking few questions about him to Priyanka. So these are the questions and answers for it.

Is Raina a Mountain or Beach Person?

Priyanka got him right. Raina is a Mountain Person.

Whom does Raina love to hang out the most with CSK Camp?

Priyanka got it right again. Raydu, and Asif of the CSK.

What does Raina love to do while spending time with Gracia?

It was swimming which tops the list. Playing ludo was another favourite.

Who is Raina’s Favorite Film Actor?

It was a straightforward question from Priyanka. It is Surya, and she did not doubt it.


We are done with all the segments. It was pretty motivating and inspiring us.

Finally, GamePlan Today hopes that you have got to know about the CSK team’s top player and his other side.