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Papua New Guinea

The capital of Papua New Guinea is home to a quarter of a million people. It is the largest city in the South Pacific. It has got its name after British Explorer Captain John Moresby, who landed there in 1873. Christian Missions soon followed, and it wasn’t long before British social mores began to permeate many aspects of local life.

In the 1890s, those early missionaries also introduced the sport of cricket to port Moresby. It proved to be one massive hit with the local mature people and quickly spread to other country areas.

Today it is one of the most famous sports and is even played in some of the most remote parts of this vast land.

In the Trobriand islands of the mainland, a version of cricket is still played every year as part of the yam harvest celebrations.

It’s said that the missionaries encouraged the people of the trojans to take up cricket as a substitute for tribal fighting. Still, the stronghold for cricket in its more modern form remains the village in the heart of Port Moresby.

Over the years, most of those who’ve played for the national team hailed from this village. The current national team is no different.

More than half of the squad honed their skills on the streets, including star fast bowler

Loa Nou Words about his street cricket games to national

He said, “I play on the main road all day. The kids love it. When I and some of the other players from the national team join in with a game, it’s great to give them some tips. Chris Amini is the leading light in cricket batsman.”

Who is Chris Amini?

Chris is the current captain of the national team, the 25-year-old. He comes from a family who’s long been a vital force in the game here.

Chris Amini’s Words

“Amini is a household name for cricket. It’s been yes in our blood with my grandfather. His name was Brian Amini. He was the first national player to become captain of Papua New Guinea. So it is quite an honour, so it runs down through our blood.”

Chris & Lua

Domestically both Chris and Lua play for the Kinah Kings. Recently cricket’s national championship in Papua New Guinea was revamped to a 14 competition featuring the best players in the country. They compete in a series of 2020 and 50 over one-day fixtures.

The sides are chosen by the national selectors and are limited to four members of the squad. This format replaces the one in which a port Moresby-based team packed with national players dominated.

Lua on his team

“The whole team’s equally strong good bowlers good batsmen, so we’re playing on three months of tough cricket against quality bowlers quality batsmen, so it’s been excellent. I think our standard is improving with this new concept.”

The league is one of a series of new initiatives that have been launched in an attempt to restructure and develop the game here. Six months ago, bill lean was appointed general manager of cricket. The Australian used to be in charge of the cricketers association.

There’s a lot of hard work. The other exciting thing on the front new frontier is the advent of competitions like the Southern Premier League. It’s their dream to have at least one player drafted into the team.

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