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Hey Everyone! So far, in GamePlan Today Talks, we have seen about a single sport or sportsperson throughout the blog. However, we have researched and collected a few findings of different sportsperson and their weird spendings for a change.

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The seven football and cricket players with weird spending habits are:

  1. Stephen Curry
  2. Lionel Messi
  3. Mike Tyson
  4. Cristiano Ronaldo
  5. Virat Kohli
  6. Hardik Pandya
  7. Neymar

Let us dive into this blog to know further in detail. Then, taking a twist and turn, let us see the 7th player on our list.

It is Neymar, a Brazillian Footballer. He had his journey from poor to rich. So, what is the weird spending he did?

Well! Neymar found his teeth were not too attractive or aligned correctly. So, he had spent almost around 30 lakhs which is 40,000 dollars. He had set up a tooth in both upper and lower jaw.

Neymar seems to be one among the very few sportsmen who have spent so much on his teeth at a young age.

Hardik Pandya, an Indian Cricketer, has occupied sixth place. His weirdest spending is on night pants and suits. He spends a minimum of 1,40,000 rupees on those night suits. The maximum he has paid to date is 5,00,000 rupees.

So, who comes next? Yeah! It’s the Indian Captain Virat Kohli. His weirdest habit or spending is on watches. Either he likes the Watch or not, Virat seems to buy any brand new that comes into release.

As per reports, Virat’s watch collection costs up to 87 lakh rupees. So whether Virat likes the Watch or not, if the Watch seems to be costly, he books and buys it. 

Just wait for a moment. Virat’s list has not been completed. We people usually tend to drink water or bath using water that is pure or transparent in colour. But, guess what? Virat buys black water. Well, yeah! The black water costs 4000 rupees per litre.

Virat believes that alkaline and mineral are more in this black water.  

Whom next? It is Cristiano Ronaldo,  a Portuguese Footballer.

To date, Ronaldo has got 19 luxury cars. But still, those had not brought him to this weirdest spending list. He also spends more on food. Ronaldo has six meals a day which costs 70000 rupees per meal a day. So it is not the weirdest spending as well.

Recently, Ronaldo had bought two wine bottles for 25 lakh rupees. It is for his daughter’s birthday.

Next comes Mike Tyson, American Former Professional Boxer.

He had spent one crore and two lakh rupees on Bengal Tiger. He feeds them for 3 lakh rupees every month. He did for almost 16 years.

The upcoming is about Lionel Messi. He had spent on buying his nearby house. It is added to our weirdest spending list for the buying reason.

At first, Messi felt some noise pollution at his neighbour’s house. So, he built one massive wall between the houses. But still, the noise pollution was felt. Hence, he paid almost ten times the original cost for that house.

The one who tops our list is Stephen Curry, anAmerican Professional Basketball player. Usually, players will have chewing gum while playing. But Stephen will bite the mouthguard while playing the game.

The mouth guard is for safeguarding our teeth and mouth. But it bites it every time he plays. He uses a mouthguard per match. He bites and spits it out after the game. He spends almost 30,000 rupees on this every time.

GamePlan Today Talks advises that “Happiness is not a luxury”. We will meet you all very soon in the next blog.