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Chris Cole is one of the most successful skateboarders of all time. You all might know that skateboarding is one action sport that has been originated in the US.

It involves both riding as well as performing tricks by using a skateboard. It is considered a recreational activity, an entertainment industry job, or an art form. It is sometimes a mode of transportation also.

We hope you have got enough ideas of what skateboarding is. Now, let us jump deep into the skateboarding world of Chris Cole.

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  1. Who is Chris Cole?
  2. His Family and Home
  3. Chris Meets His Wife
  4. Other Obsessions

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Who is Chris Cole?

Chris Cole is a 32-year-old American. He took up skateboarding H2H when he was 15.

Chris answered in his recent interview that there would be nothing else he wanted to be or wanted to do other than skateboarding. However, he added that he found the drive of learning something new. Also, he gained instant gratification from new tricks.

Skateboarding is his life. To be perfect, Chris’s hobby became his life.

When Chris finds a new hobby, he becomes obsessed with them for a short amount of time. But, skateboarding was the only thing he kept going.

His Family & Home

Seven years ago, Chris and his young family shifted from their native Philadelphia to San Diego in California.

Chris and his family moved to San Diego for professional rather than personal reasons. However, skateboarding originated in California, and today the golden stage is the epicentre of a global industry. It is worth around 5 billion dollars a year.

His current home boasts its skatepark allowing the relentless pursuit of street skating perfection for Chris has become famous.

Chris feels that his life is good on the west coast. Unfortunately, their home is on the line of boredom. But still, their home will feel like Philadelphia to them.

He added that family is where he likes to be. But his job will be straightforward out in San Diego.

Chris moved to this place so that he could involve himself more in the industry.

Chris Meets His Wife

Chris met his wife when she was just 16. Those days she was working at a skate park back in Philadelphia.

Chris and his wife have been together for over 12 years. They have a son Wyatt and a daughter Penelope.

Chris’s wife added that they both started dating when she was very young. She wasn’t even in the mindset of thinking about whether Chris will be a good husband or a good father.

They both were thrown into parenthood so quickly as they had their son too soon. However, Chris handled his wife’s pregnancy so well.

Other Obsessions

Aside from skateboarding, Chris’s other obsessions will be customizing guitars and collecting classic toys.

Chris feels like a nostalgic person. So he started collecting the toys that he wanted, or he had as a kid. He liked that feeling of bringing back those toys.

He added that the time period is such a fantastic toy. Chris wanted his children to have the period of toys in the early ’90s.

Chris found cassettes are too cool. At one point, his guitar collection numbered 30. One of his favourite hobbies is taking the lead on guitar. It was given to him by Alexi Laiho, a lead guitarist with the death metal band Children of Bodom.

Summing Up

GamePlan Today hopes that you all might have a chance to know more about one US Skateboard Legend, Chris Cole and his family & obsessions.

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