Top 5 drawbacks of Hosting Olympic Games by GamePlan Today

Tokyo Olympics 2021 is the talk of our town. The Olympic Games are built with the intent to make a better and peaceful world through sports.

The 1st international sports festival happened in ancient Greece. The Olympics are considered one of the primary international sporting events. More than 1000 athletes will be competing in this Olympic event.

Though there are benefits of hosting this game, there will be serious considerations for drawbacks.

Let’s us all have a GamePlanview on the 5 drawbacks a country will have when they host the Olympic Games.

GamePlan’s Map:

  1. Financial Drain
  2. Disuse of expensive buildings
  3. Violating Human Rights
  4. Threats and Security Issues
  5. International Reputation

Hosting any mega event at national and international levels will have 2 main questions: Whether is the event worth it? If so, for whom does it worth?

Let’s dive further to know the real side of our Olympic Games.

1. Financial Drain

A fact is that since 1960, no Olympic Games have come under the estimated budget.

To be more specific, this delayed Tokyo 2020 Olympic Game is the most expensive in history. The costs are continuing to rise due to this pandemic pause of the game.

The actual cost of our Olympics is hard to pin down. Also, the majority cost depends on the development and redevelopment of urban infrastructure.

This will lead to our 2nd drawback.

2. Disuse of expensive buildings

This game will compel the host cities to build some costly infrastructure and buildings that fall into disuse.

Host cities will be usually left with those infrastructures. They will be of less use after that game.

The biggest challenge is what to do with the rebuilt and new infrastructure after the tourists and athletes have gone. Only a few host countries will make good use of the stadium. But the rest felt it hard.  

Most of the global Olympic venues will remain unused, empty, rusted after the event.

This issue leads to the next drawback of Human Rights Violation.

3.Violating Human Rights

Developing a new infrastructure involves clearing some established urban areas. The people in those areas will be dispersed.

This may lead to destroying the residents and places to work for the citizens. Also, only minimal compensation will be provided.

Olympics are created to develop our “Unity in Diversity”. It seems that it started to be a sign of exclusion.

4. Threats & Security Issues

Only a high-security presence will earn more capital to invest. In case of any threats to the safety & security of residents, a lack of desire will occur.

To avoid the fear attacks like bombing on the Olympic Sports Events, the committee will be pushed to build an infrastructure concerning the preventing measures.

This will also lead to an increase in the budget of these mega-events.

5. International Reputation

As mentioned prior, hosting international events can rebrand prestige positively. At the same time, there are chances that it can drag some unwanted attention.

Host nations are usually unaware of human rights violations. Being aware of these possible drawbacks, the host countries can make a better position while engaging in their bidding process.

GamePlan Today suggests the planning committee for fitting with their priorities without compromising the above pitfalls.

Eliminating these drawbacks can actually earn more technical support to the Olympic Games.

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