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Match Preview

TNM vs AT dream11 prediction is a fantasy prediction for Taranaki Mountainairs vs Auckland Tuatara New Zealand basketball match, scheduled to played at TSB Stadium (New Plymouth).

Teams : Taranaki Mountainairs vs Auckland Tuatara.

Date & Time : 11.08.2022 & 01:00 PM.

TNM expected Starting lineup

  1. DavisonC 
  2. DouglasJ 
  3. HilliardA 
  4. JonesM 
  5. WillettS 

Our latest predictions for today dream11 matches is updated here.

AT expected Starting lineup

  1. FahrensohnT 
  2. IuliB 
  3. JohnsonC 
  4. LoeR 
  5. SchneiderS 

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TNM last 5 match stats

Won, Lost, Won, Won, Won.

AT last 5 match stats

Lost, Lost, Won, Lost, Won.

TNM last three match player stats

TNM last three match player stats for dream11 prediction.
TNM last three match player stats

AT last three match player stats

AT last three match player stats for dream11 prediction.
AT last three match player stats

TNM vs AT Point-Guard Position

Russo NanceD44.9  44.9
PoulgrainT  00
LepouK 0 0

D Russo Nance is the best point guard for AT, but he has not played last two games. Instead, the next option in point guard position is C McIntosh from AT.

McIntosh has played in all the last three matches but has not scored more points.

The other players in this position are not very impressive as well.So considering these facts we suggest McIntosh for TNM vs AT point guard position.

TNM vs AT Shooting-Guard Position

PenneyK 17.8 17.8
Bailey NowellA2.

S Schneider and Hilliard are the top performers in TNM and AT shooting guard position.

Both are equally balanced competitors, but due to credit score rules we have to pick only one player.

We recommend S Schneider for today dream11 team, she has scored 122.3 dream11 points in last three matches with an average of 40 points per match.

B Luli will be a useful player for our dream11 team with the credit score of just 7.He is an average player and will guarantee a minimum of 16+ points in almost every games.

TNM vs AT Small-Forward Position

FahrensohnT 16.536.953.4
Carlile SmithB 000
HoetaG 0 0

For Small Forward position, we recommend three players from TNM and AT, they are

  1. S Telfer
  2. T Fahrensohn
  3. J Douglas

Of them, J Douglas is our star player prediction for today match. He has scored 141.4 dream11 points with an average of 47.1 points per match.

He is expected to score 50 points in today’s match.

T Fahrensohn is an average player from AT.He has scored 53 points in just two matches.He is expected to continue the same form on court today as well.

TNM vs AT Power-Forward Position


M Jones and S Willett are top quality players in power forward position.They both has been very impressive in the last few games and scoring 35+ points in almost every matches.

Comparing both, we personally suggest M Jones for today power forward position.

M Jones credit score is low compared to S Willett and has more points than S Willett in last three games.

TNM vs AT Centre Position

JohnsonC 47.844.692.4

C Johnson is the best player among TNM and AT players.Having played only two games he has scored 92.4 dream11 points.

Without a doubt he is our Centre position player for TNM vs AT dream11 team.He has an average of 30 points per match.

C Johnson is our pro player choice for today dream11 team.

TNM vs AT Dream11 Prediction

The top prediction for TNM vs AT dream11 team are

  1. C McIntosh
  2. B Luli
  3. S Schneider
  4. S Telfer
  5. T Fahrensohn
  6. J Douglas
  7. M Jones
  8. C Johnson-I.

TNM vs AT dream11 Star Player and Pro Player

Star Player- J Douglas

Pro Player-C Johnson-I.