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Hey You All! Are you excited to know about the sensational teens and adults in the sports world?

Then, Buckle Up! In this GamePlan Today Talks, we will be talking about 5 Snooker Players.

GamePlan Today – A Quick Run-through

  1. Oliver Sykes
  2. Yu Kiu
  3. Jackson Paige
  4. Stuart Bingham
  5. Ng On-yee

As we all might know, snooker is a game of precision and concentration. Also, it is challenging to master. It might take many years of practice to perfect.

Snooker is not just for adults. It is also for children.

Join us to know more.

Oliver Sykes

Oliver Sykes is a young 12-year-old Potter from the English country of Hampshire. He is already on his way to a successful career in snooker sport. Olive is a classy left-hander in his mark.

He started playing games of snooker just before his 8th birthday. His family could see his potential the day when they took Olive to the snooker hall.

Renowned World Snooker Coach Tim Duncan has trained him. This coach is known for working with young players.

After joining with Tim, Olive started winning local matches up against much older players. Also, Olive had earned a nickname, “The Sniper”.

Yu Kiu

Games of snooker are prevalent sport in Hong Kong since the general impression is very positive.

A 14-year-old from Hong Kong is all set for his big break in snooker. His career started when he was eight years old. He noticed that his dad was watching a program on television. It was the colours of the ball that made him interested in playing snooker.

His dad then took Yu Kiu to the snooker club to know what it was. Aaron Wong was his coach.

Yu Kiu felt that two years after he started playing snooker, he thought he grasped the essential techniques and made good progress.

He played better and better, which made him decide to become a professional snooker player.

Jackson Paige

Over the years, Wales has produced some of the finest players to grace the snooker table.

To continue this record, 15-year-old Jackson Paige jumped into this sport. Jackson, after his 15th birthday, won the under 18 World Championship in Belgium.

Jack practices for hours every day, and he began playing at a very young age. He is getting trained by Mark Williams Snooker Club in South Wales.

Stuart Bingham

Stuart is 39-year-old English cumin. He had joined the elite club for playing snooker. He captured the sports showpiece event to become the oldest first-time winner since 1947.

Stuart’s victory by 18 frames to 15 completed a remarkable transition from a journeyman to the king of the crucible.   

His journey in sports began as a teenager. In 1996, Stuart’s career progressed when he had won both the English & World Amateur Championship.

The breakthrough moment for him as a professional came in 2011. It was when after sixteen years of trying, he won his first ranking tournament. He beat the two-time world champion, Marc Williams in the Australian Open final.

Ng On-yee

Ng On-yee is a trailblazer in the World Women’s Snooker. She was the first Asian woman to reach the number one spot in the World Snooker Rankings.

She is 29-years old. Her father was a former snooker player who introduced her to this sport. In 2009, she won her first overseas in India. Only after that, she decide to choose snooker as her career.

Ng On-yee was the former number 1, 2 and 3-time wws world champion.   

Final Words

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