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Match Preview

Teams : Satria Muda Pertamina vs Hangtuah (Playoffs Match 2).

Date & Time : 14.08.2022 & 12:45 PM

Venue: GOR C-Tra Arena (Bandung).

AHJ expected Starting lineup

  1. AzizM 
  2. FosterE J 
  3. KokodiputraJ 
  4. LakuduH 
  5. WisnuA 

Our latest predictions will be updated here.

SMP expected Starting lineup

  1. AmirF 
  2. PurwantoK 
  3. RagolA 
  4. RondonuwuS 
  5. WatersA 

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AHJ last 5 match stats

Lost, Lost, Won, Won, Lost.

SMP last 5 match stats

Won, Won, Won, Won, Won.

Note: The points in the below tables are calculated manually by gameplantoday based on Dream11 fantasy point System.

AHJ last three match player stats

AHJ last three match player stats for dream11 prediction
AHJ last three match player stats

SMP last three match player stats

SMP last three match player stats for dream11 prediction.
SMP last three match player stats

AHJ vs SMP Point-Guard Position

AjiK K1.23.4 4.6
SaputroT00 0

Though B Griffin is the top scorer in this list,we prefer K Purwanto from AHJ for point guard position.

K Purwanto has scored 50.9 points in last three matches.His performance in the last match was impressive as he scored 22.6 dream11 points yesterday.

AHJ vs SMP Shooting-Guard Position

CottonL K52.146.1 98.2
BoyceR I  43.243.2
SeputraA  12.712.7
AriefSetiawanM01.5 1.5

R I Boyce with a credit score of just 4.5 is a boon for every dream11 users.He has been extraordinary in the yesterday match and was the leading point taker.

He has scored 43.2 dream11 points and is expected to continue the same form today.

AHJ vs SMP Small-Forward Position

WisnuA26.1 4167.1
KurniawanL  1.21.2

Of 5 players form AHJ vs SMP small forward position we recommend 4 of them for today dream11 match,they are

  1. F Amir
  2. A Dikania Wisnu
  3. J Kokodiputra
  4. G Gunawan

F Amir is the best player for AHJ and is known for his consistency.He is our pro player choice for today’s dream11 team.

The remaining three players performance in the yesterday match was good and is expected to perform today as well.

AHJ vs SMP Power-Forward Position

SanyudyA 4.5 4.5
SitumorangF03 3
YudiantaraI00 0

L Steven Oei is the best power forward player among both AHJ and SMP.He is our choice for today’s dream11 team.

L Oei has scored 33 dream11 points with an average of 11 points per match.

AHJ vs SMP Centre Position

FosterE J3337.559.8130.3
SitorusK6.83.7 10.5

E J Foster is the best player among both AHJ and SMP players.He has scored 130.3 dream11 points in last three matches alone.His average points per match is 43.4.

His performance in yesterday match was very good.So, considering this fact E J Foster is our star player choice for today dream11 team.

AHJ vs SMP Dream11 Prediction

The dream11 prediction for SMP vs AHJ are

  1. B Lanalt Griffin
  2. R Lee Boyce
  3. A Dikania Wisnu
  4. F Amir
  5. J Kokodiputra
  6. G Gunawan
  7. L Steven Oei
  8. E Johad Foster

AHJ vs SMP dream11 Star Player and Pro Player

Star Player-E Johad Foster

Pro Player- F Amir.