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GamePlan Today’s Enduro Sneak Peek:

What is Enduro?

Who is Graham Jarvis?

Where do our extreme motorcyclists turn up for work?

Levelled up

The Toughest Challenge for Graham

Outstanding Jarvis

His Perfect Practice

Graham’s Breath


Well, before waking deep down our lane, GamePlan Today wishes to offer a quick definition of what Enduro is.

What is Enduro?

Enduro is a long-distance race. It’s specifically for bicycles or motor vehicles.

In today’s blog, we are going to talk about one enduro legend Graham Jarvis.

Who is Graham Jarvis?

Graham Jarvis is one of the most successful motorbike riders in Britain today.

As a five-time UK trials champion, he reached number 3 in his work in the early 2000s and then he found something he was even better at.

Where do our extreme motorcyclists turn up for work?

It’s the Yorkshire Dales in the North of England. The area had deep-cut valleys and rich meadows sit alongside windswept uplands. It is a calm and peaceful area of outstanding natural beauty. The spot remained peaceful and calm until the world’s number one extreme enduro motorcyclist turns up for work.

Levelled up:

Graham got levelled and changed his track to enduro. It was a harder event for him. He found himself time for not making technical mistakes since it was one of the toughest challenges.

The Toughest Challenge for Graham:

Extreme or Hard Enduro is one of the toughest challenges on two wheels.

A step up in intensity from conventional enduro or trials riding the courses combine man-made obstacles with extreme terrain.

Outstanding Jarvis:

From sea to snow and from desert to mountain, racers can last several days. They are designed to test a rider’s speed skill and stamina. There’s no one better at it than Graham Jarvis.

Jarvis made his competitive debut in 2006 winning his first event 2 years later.

He has risen to the very top last year. He dominated the competition like no rider before winning every race.

He is the man who goes up hills as fast as he comes down. He had just done a bit of hard training. His exceptional technique is derived from his trials background. His unstoppable training regime keeps him at peak fitness.

His Perfect Practice:

With the Pennine mountain range, the backbone of England on at his doorstep he had the perfect practice ground. The constant challenges of that landscape are keeping a well-motivating company.

After a morning of hard training, Graham & his fellow extreme enduro rider Luke Copestake head to the local watering hole for a quick refreshment. This duo takes up the opportunity to unwind with the more sedate pursuit. The traditional British Pub sport of sharpening aims at this game to have the penny in between these two lines.

Graham’s Breath:

Graham​ Jarvis eats​, sleeps​ and​ ​breathes his bike. In running training academies​ he​ ​​designs​ courses​ for​ trials ​​championships​. He​ directs​ many​ UK​ events​ ​as​ well.

But there​ is​ one​ person​ who ​can​ make ​Graham​ take​ a​ break​ from​ the​ bike​ ​​now and​ then. Yes! It’s Sandra, ​ ​his​ girlfriend​.


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