Professional Manufacturers of Cricket Accessories in Chennai | DK Sports Customized Cricket Bat and Ball

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DK Sport was established in 2013 in Chennai, Sriperumbudur. They were originally marketed as Zion sports, which is owned by Mr. Karthik and produces its own cricket bats in Chennai, Tamilnadu.

DK Sports manufactures bats for all age groups according to the needs and preferences of their customers.

Hardik cricket bats, Dhoni cricket bats, Canadian Willow bats, Black Mamba cricket bats, and Marigold fiber cricket bats comprise the main classes of wooden cricket bats.

In India, wooden cricket bats range from Rs.6000/-INR to Rs.18,000/-, and the entire process of bat-making is based on the customer’s profile and interest. Moreover, a fresh set of bats is created from scratch depending on the client’s requirements, and they have already been sent to the client’s location.

Their bats have been supplied to the leading retailers in Chennai and throughout Tamilnadu, making them one of the leading manufacturers of quality bats of First Grade, Second Grade, and Third Grade. The Indian team-B cricketers have had their bats and gloves sponsored.

The process of making a bat!

Bats are made at DK Sports’ manufacturing facility in Sriperumbudur, Chennai. The same bats are also displayed at their physical store for customers to see. Bat-making involves several steps.

-Filling the bat’s handle

-Shaping the front and back of the bat.

The shoulders and the handles should be shaped up.

-The Sanding Process

-The Binding Process

-The process of polishing a bat.

– The Labelling & Gripping Process

DK Sports follows these steps in the making of its bats. As they are their own manufacturers, they don’t outsource the work process. As a result, the quality isn’t compromised.

The materials used to make the cricket bat!

Cricket bats are mostly made from two types of materials: English willow and Kashmir willow. The handle of the bat is usually either round or oval and is made of materials such as wood, cane, or twine. Additionally, the head of the bat is integrated with rubber springs to reduce vibration while a person is batting.

How many grams is the cricket bat?

Kids generally don’t like to handle heavyweight bats and they can’t use them. Therefore, kids need lightweight bats that weigh approximately 1000 grams.

Bat length!

At DK Sport, the bat length is adjustable from 25 inches to 34 inches and you can customize the weight of the bat depending on your physique, height, and weight preference. They range between 1200 grams and 1250 grams.

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