PBG vs DU dream11 prediction Indonesia IBL

Match Preview

Teams : Prawira Bandung vs Dewa United

Date & Time : 13.08.2022 & 03:00 PM

Venue: GOR C-Tra Arena (Bandung).

PBG expected Starting lineup

  1. AbrahamH 
  2. GrahitaA 
  3. GuntaraM 
  4. SaputeraY 
  5. SpencerT 

Our latest predictions will be updated here.

DU expected Starting lineup

  1. GemilangK 
  2. ParksE 
  3. PrawiroX 
  4. SaputraD 
  5. WijayaW 

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PBG last 5 match stats

Won, Won, Won, Lost,Won.

DU last 5 match stats

Lost, Lost, Won, Won, Lost.

Note: The points in the below tables are calculated manually by gameplantoday based on Dream11 fantasy point System.

PBG last three match player stats

PBG last three match player stats for dream11 prediction.
PBG last three match player stats

DU last three match player stats

DU last three match player stats for dream11 prediction.
DU last three match player stats

PBG vs DU Point-Guard Position

HidayatA 1.54.56
PasondokL A02.5 2.5
TeemoT00 0

We have selected three players in our dream11 team for PBG vs DU point guard position, they are

  1. Y Saputera
  2. X Prawiro
  3. A Damar Grahita

A Grahita is the leading point taker for PBG and is our star player choice for today dream11 team.

He has scored 98.6 dream11 points with an average of 32.7 points per match.

The other two players A Grahita and X Prawiro are playing consistently and will be a good option for today dream11 team.

PBG vs DU Shooting-Guard Position

AdriannoA 06.96.9
MahesaN01.2 1.2

Instead of D Seagers we prefer H Abraham from PBG for today dream11 team.D Seagers has a high credit score in dream11 app.

So it will be a good choice to go with H Abraham for shooting guard position which can save some credit points to pick other quality players in upcoming positions.

W Wijaya with a credit score of just 7.5 will be a handy choice for shooting guard position.

PBG vs DU Small-Forward Position

PratamaD  -0.5-0.5

K Moses Eliazer Poetiary is the best player in this position.

He has scored 76.3 dream11 points and playing regularly in all the matches.His average points per match is 25.4 points.

PBG vs DU Power-Forward Position

GunawanG9.31.2 10.5
WigunaP 08.48.4

As you can clearly view in the above table that K Gemilang is the top point scorer for Power Forward position of PBG and DU.

He is our pro player choice for today dream11 team.He is the best among DU players.

PBG vs DU Centre Position

PradityaB  1.21.2

L Effendy is a key player for gameplantoday’s dream11 team.He has been selected by only few percent of dream11 users and if he performs well today,it will a great boost for our team to rank will in grand league.

He has scored 42.2 dream11 points in last three match.

PBG vs DU Dream11 Prediction

The top predictions for PBG vs DU are

  1. X Prawiro
  2. A Damar Grahita
  3. Y Saputera
  4. H Abraham
  5. W Wijaya
  6. K Moses Elizer Poetiary
  7. H Gemilang
  8. L Effendy

PBG vs DU dream11 Star Player and Pro Player

Star Player- A Damar Grahita

Pro Player- K Gemilang.