Pataudi Trophy 2021 History | India vs. England | Man behind the Trophy’s Name

The Pataudi Trophy 2021 between India & England will be taking place on Wednesday.

GamePlan Today will spotlight the man behind the name of this trophy.

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Trophy’s Name History

Who is Tiger Pataudi?

His Nicknames and Records

His Eye Injury

His Contributions

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Let us dive deep into this.

Trophy’s Name History

The Pataudi Trophy is now getting its name after the sponsorship. Diving into the history of trophies, they are usually named after the names of legends.

There will be few reasons for giving the trophies with the legend’s name. Since 2007, when India started to play against England in England we call them Pataudi Trophy.

India’s 1st Test Cricket was against England in 1932. In 2007, India locked horns with England. It was the 75th year for both teams. So, the 75th celebration trophy was named after the Indian Cricketer and Former Indian Captain Tiger Pataudi.

The trophy happened from 2007, 2011, 2014 & 2018.  Now in 2021, it is the 5th time Pataudi Trophy is about to happen.   

Who is Tiger Pataudi?

Tiger Pataudi is a Former Indian Captain who had studied at England’s Oxford University.

His father is Iftihar Ali Khan Pataudi. He is a first-class cricketer who had played for both Australia & India.

His Nicknames and Records

Tiger Pataudi’s name is Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. People call him using the names like “Nawab of Pataudi”, “Tiger Pataudi”, and “MAK Pataudi”.  He is considered the 1st superstar of the Indian Cricket Team.

His walk on the cricket ground will be so ferocious that everyone has respect for him in their eyes.

He was the one who carried the standards of the Indian Cricket Team for years. In 1950, he had his schoolings in England. He broke all the cricket records during his school days. He was playing and studying simultaneously. He got the “Most promising Young Cricketer of the year” award.

His Eye Injury

In 1961, he met with an accident in which he got injured in his right eye. This injury didn’t stop him from his cricket journey.

On 13th December 1961, he played a Test Cricket against England in Delhi. We must say that he was back with a bang.

His Captaincy

We all know that holding a captaincy in India is not a walk in the park. Besides the domination of Mumbai players and the drawback of having an injured eye, Pataudi was made as to the Indian Captain.

He was 21 years and 7 days old at that time. Still, now, Pataudi remains as India’s youngest captain.

Pataudi is the strongest man on our Indian Cricket Team. He was the one who created the spinners to hold our 1st overseas victory in New Zealand.

His Contributions

He coordinated people of different cultures and languages under Team’s single umbrella.

His contributions both on-field and off-field as a captain were huge. Being a batsman, he lifts the score of the Indian team every single team.

In total, Pataudi had played 67 matches in which 80% of his matches were under pressure.  Few of those matches happened

  • In October 1964, India vs. Australia in Mumbai
  • In June 1967, India vs. England at Leeds
    • He stood for almost 6 hours with 148 runs
  • In 1968, India vs. Australia at Brisbane
  • In 1969, India vs. New Zealand in Mumbai
  • In 1969, India vs. Australia at Chennai
  • In 1973, India vs. England at Chennai

GamePlan Today’s Final Words

The BCCI’s motivational speech will happen every year. It is also named after Tiger Pataudi.

We hope you have got the roots behind this Pataudi Trophy. Let us all hope for a nail-biting match.


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