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This week on GamePlan Today Talks, it’s a special episode. Yeah! As the Paralympic Games are underway in Tokyo in California, we will be meeting up with the Blade runner Blake Lieber

Quick Spot – GamePlan Today Talks

  1. Blake’s Early Days
  2. Blake’s Version of Disability
  3. Drake Stadium
  4. Blake’s Family and Their Support
  5. Blake’s Journey
  6. Blake’s Goal

Blake is an American runner with amputated legs. Are you keen to know more about him and his journey? Continue with us.

Blake’s Early Days

Blake was born with a congenital disability. The doctor said that Blake would never walk. But nobody thought that he would be running around and playing sports. His leg would fall off, and he had to find the willpower and determination to get back up & put his leg on.

Blake’s Version of Disability

Blake Lieber is an athlete with similar aspirations fighting stigma, injustice and disability. He is proof that individuals with severe disabilities can not only compete but do so at the very highest level.

Even though Blake was embarrassed that he was disabled, he is the fifth and sixth fastest man globally.

He hates what comes with that word disabled. He believes that one is disabled only when they can do “a b c and d”.

The reality of it is an individual can do anything with a positive mindset. His mind has the message that’s what gives him motivation.

He was out there on the track, training and running. If he was getting laughs that picked on or being told no, he hopes that they can see his story and say, “Wow! Blake is competing against the fastest runners in the world”.

Drake Stadium

At California’s University, situated in Los Angeles, Drake stadium has been home to many of America’s greatest athletes. It includes legendary track and field stars Jackie Joyner Kersey and Alison Felix.

Blake’s Family & Their Support

The support from Blake’s family members and his older brother, grandfather and grandmother were very high. Everybody was rallying around him to make sure he lived an everyday healthy life.

He started just playing basketball, baseball as a kid. Then, he went to high school and college. By the time he got to college, he had seen Pistorius running for the first time on television.

Blake was like, “Wow! There’s is something out there for me like Pistorius”.

Blake’s Journey

Before him, Blake runs on specially designed prosthetic blades. It allows him to compete on the Paralympic stage. So he got his first pair of blades and started playing with them.

He started training a little bit, and he found himself getting better and better. Finally, he got qualified for his first national championships.

Then by 2011, he tied Pistorius world record 100 meters with 1091. So by doing that kind, he continued to excel on the track.

In 2018 he ran the fastest ever 400 meters by a double amputee.

At the 2019 US Track and Field Championships, he finished fifth in the final of the men’s 400 meters racing against non-disabled athletes.

Blake’s Goal

It has always been Blake’s goal to compete against regular people. It is because he was regular when he first started working.

Three years ago, Blake didn’t see himself as a disabled person. Instead, he was seen as willing to work hard, dedicate his time and energy to something, and achieve a goal.

Blake has worked hard for the past years. He tried to accomplish the fact that he was running against able bodies.

Summing Up

GameToday Talks hope you all might have got a chance to know about the American runner. So expect to explore the new sports updates from us.