An inspiring women athlete! A journey of Revathi Veeramani from Madurai to Tokyo!

She couldn’t even afford her shoes for running, yet qualified for the Olympics! 

A real inspiring woman when we came to know a bit more about her. Who is none other than Revathi Veeramani. 

Her Biography! 

This young girl & her little sister was born and brought up in Madurai and it was her hometown. When she was so young she had lost her parents and was raised by her maternal grandmother. Her schooling started in a government school and later BA in Tamil literature. With good guidance and the support of the college’s management, she had completed her graduation. In this journey she about to meet an athlete trainer Mr. Kannan, who trained and inspired her by sponsoring her sports shoes because she couldn’t afford one. 

However, with her consistent hard work and determination, she has now become a professional sprinter and she is going to represent our country India in the Olympics in Tokyo. 

Poverty hits her so hard and yet on the other side she had been blessed with good people around and her professional mentor & a coach Mr. Kannan from the Sports Development Authority of Tamilnadu, had recognized her talent when she was at school.

Initially, her maternal grandmother didn’t encourage her, as she lost her daughter and son-in-law. Adding to this, today she is happy that she has made a good decision that she is selected for the Olympics. 

Represents the team India to Olympics! 

Veeramani will race for our country in 4*400m mixed relay which is going to happen in Tokyo, from July 23rd onwards. 

In the year 2019, she participated in Asian Games which had happened in Doha & she participated in the world Championship which had also happened in Doha. She also participated in many trials and she was positioned third, later at the finals trial, she secured first and got an entry to the Olympics! 

She made history and qualified for the Olympics! 

This woman Sprinter was so proud of his grandmother overcoming all the negativities around. She thanked her grandmother & her coach Mr. Kannan for trusting her and this patience and the inner drive had taken her to the miles. And also she is very determined to grab the gold medal in the Olympics. 

To be in the Olympics could be a dream of every athlete! 

To conclude, she had made the right opportunity from her coach, and that had driven her to the Olympics and hope she is elated with her selection to the Olympics. Which could be a dream of any athlete. She made her coach proud, her maternal grandmother, and people of Madurai and young gen girls too. 

Such an inspiration! Let her wish for the Olympics for bagging the gold medal for team India and make our country proud.