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Match Preview

Teams : Mid North Whai vs Northern Kahu

Date & Time : 19.07.2022 & 12:30 PM

MNW expected Starting lineup





Pupuke RobatiS 

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NOK expected Starting lineup


Kailahi FuluJ 

Leger WalkerK 



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MNW last 5 match stats

Lost, Won, Won, Lost, Won

NOK last 5 match stats

Won, Won, Won, Won, Won

Note: The points in the below tables are calculated manually by gameplantoday based on Dream11 fantasy point System.

MNW last three match player stats

MNW last three match player stats for dream11 prediction
MNW last three match player stats

NOK last three match player stats

NOK last three match player stats for dream11 prediction
NOK last three match player stats

MNW vs NOK Point-Guard dream11 prediction


For MNW vs NOK point guard position, K Lambert is without a doubt a compulsory player.She has played very well and is so consistent in scoring more than 35+ dream11 points.

She has scored a total of 140.7 dream11 points in last three matches.

Furthermore,for Point Guard position we prefer two other players namely

  1. T Tupea (89.1 dream11 points)
  2. M Cocks (98.4 dream11 points)

The above mentioned players has a reasonable dream11 credit score in prediction app and will be a good choice for today dream11 team.

MNW vs NOK Shooting-Guard dream11 prediction

Leger WalkerK2728.918.374.2
ReedA17.1  17.1
HeremaiaK  14.414.4
TiniJ  12.912.9
ChatfieldM 000

For MNW vs NOK dream11 shooting Guard position we recommend Leger Walker K.She has scored 74.2 dream11 points and is the only player who played all the last three matches in Shooting Guard position.

MNW vs NOK Small-Forward dream11 prediction

Pupuke RobatiS30.225.28.864.2
GraysM28.614.2 42.8
McBrydeD26.613.7 40.3
TuisueB 0 0

Here as well in the Small Forward position Papuke Robati is the only player for MNW vs NOK match who played all the last three matches.

She has scored 64.2 dream11 points and will be a safe choice for today’s dream11 team.

MNW vs NOK Power-Forward dream11 prediction

Kailahi FuluJ11.815.86.434
DayshM2.40 2.4
NukuH0  0

McGoldrick from MNW is the best player for Power Forward position.She has scored 67.3 dream11 points in last three matches and is expected to score atleast 25+ dream11 points today.

MNW vs NOK Centre dream11 prediction

Kelman PotoA09.420.229.6

From the above table it is clearly evident that two players namely S Greene and M Wolf are the best choice for MNW vs NOK centre position.

Moreover these two players are spending more time on the court during the match which means the probability of these two getting more points is high.

MNW vs NOK Dream11 team

PG- T Tupea, M Cocks, K Lambert

SG- K Leger Walker

SF- S Pupuke Robati

PF- E McGoldrick

C- M Wolf, N Greene

MNW vs NOK dream11 Star Player and Pro Player

Star player- K Lambert

Pro Player- M Cocks