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Match Preview

Teams : Meralco Bolts vs Beermen.

Date & Time : 17.08.2022 & 03:35 PM.

MEB expected Starting lineup

  1. BlackA 
  2. HodgeC 
  3. MaliksiA 
  4. NewsomeC 
  5. PascualK 

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BEE expected Starting lineup

  1. BrondialR 
  2. EncisoS 
  3. FajardoJ M 
  4. LassiterM 
  5. PerezJ 

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MEB last 5 match stats

Won, Lost, Won, Lost, Won.

BEE last 5 match stats

Lost, Won,Lost, Won, Lost.

Note: The points in the tables are calculated manually by gameplantoday based on Dream11 fantasy point System.

MEB last three match player stats

MEB last three match player stats for dream11 prediction.
MEB last three match player stats

BEE last three match player stats

BEE last three match player stats for dream11 prediction.
BEE last three match player stats

MEB vs BEE Point-Guard Position

CaramA0  0
RomeoT0  0
JohnsonF-1  -1

J Perez is the best player among MEB and BEE players.Though his performance dipped in the previous match, he has an ability to bounce back well and scores a minimum of 25 points in every match.

He is our star player option for today dream11 team.

M Lassiter from BEE is our second preference for today dream11 team.He is an average player and scored atleast 15 points in every match.His credit score in dream11 prediction app is 10.

MEB vs BEE Shooting-Guard Position

QuintoK J19.716.113.148.9
PasaolA4.7 0.24.9

J Cruz from MEB and K J Quinto from BEE are our two picks from shooting guard position for today dream11 team.

Their credit score are very reasonable and picking these two players will save few credit scores to pick other quality players in upcoming positions.

MEB vs BEE Small-Forward Position

ZamarP5.7 05.7
BeloM4  4
PessumalV2.2  2.2

A Black is the top player in this position and has scored 98.1 dream11 points in last three games.

His average points per match is 32.7.He the best player for MEB and is our pro player choice for today dream11 team.

MEB vs BEE Power-Forward Position

FaundoJ0  0

S Enciso is our prediction for Power Forward position.He is an average player and will score 10 points in almost every matches.

MEB vs BEE Centre Position

FajardoJ M36.64239.1117.7
BaclaoN6.21.7 7.9
CaneteM5.2  5.2

M J Fajardo is the best player for BEE and is a compulsory player for MEE vs BEE centre position.

He has scored 117.7 dream11 points and has an average of 39 points per match.

With the remaining credit score R Almazan will be a good choice for today dream11 team.

MEB vs BEE Dream11 Prediction

The top players for MEB vs BEE dream11 prediction are

  1. M Lassiter
  2. J Perez-I
  3. J Cruz
  4. K John Quinto
  5. A Black
  6. S Enciso
  7. J Mar Fajardo
  8. R Almazan.

MEB vs BEE dream11 Star Player and Pro Player

Star Player- J Perez-I

Pro Player- A Black.


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