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Match Preview

MEB vs BEE dream11 prediction is a fantasy prediction for Meralco Bolts vs Beermen basketball match, scheduled to played today at Philippines today.

Teams : Meralco Bolts vs Beermen

Date & Time : 03.08.2022 & 03:30 PM.

MEB expected Starting lineup

  1. AlmazanR 
  2. BlackA 
  3. HodgeC 
  4. MaliksiA 
  5. NewsomeC 

Gameplantoday dream11 predictions for today basketball matches.

BEE expected Starting lineup

  1. BrondialR 
  2. EncisoS 
  3. FajardoJ M 
  4. LassiterM 
  5. PerezJ 

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MEB last 5 match stats

Won, Won, Won, Lost, Won.

BEE last 5 match stats

Won, Won, Won, Lost, Won.

Note: The points in the below tables are calculated manually by gameplantoday based on Dream11 fantasy point System.

MEB last three match player stats

MEB last three match player stats for dream11 prediction.
MEB last three match player stats

BEE last three match player stats

BEE last three match player stats for dream11 prediction.
BEE last three match player stats

MEB vs BEE Point-Guard Position

CaramA0 00
JohnsonF0 00

From MEB vs BEE point guard position we recommend three players for today’s team.They are

  1. J Perez-I
  2. C Newsome
  3. C Banchero

J Perez is the best player among both teams and has scored 123.8 dream11 points in last three matches with an average of 41.2 points per match.He is our Star player suggestion for today’s match.

C Newsome is the best player for MEB and was equally good as J Perez.He has scored 118.4 dream11 points.He is our Pro player choice for today’s match.

C Banchero with a credit score of just 5.5 in dream11 app will be a handy player for us today.He is our third choice for point guard position.

MEB vs BEE Shooting-Guard Position

QuintoK J20.14.912.437.4

C Ross after missing few matches played well in the previous match and scored a useful 25.4 points for BEE.He is expected to play well today as well.

MEB vs BEE Small-Forward Position

BeloM0 00

R Herndon is the key player for today’s dream11 team.He has played last match and scored 18.2 points.He was selected by only few dream11 users.So picking up him in your dream11 team will be risky choice, but if played well then you can outrank all other dream11 users and can rank among top 10 in mega contest.

MEB vs BEE Power-Forward Position

JoseR0 7.67.6

C Hodge is the top player in this position, he has scored 104 dream11 points.Hodge has played last two matches and scored 35+ points contentiously for two games.

He is expected to produce the same effort today as well.

S Enciso is an average player and will be a handy choice for a credit score of just 5.5 in dream11 prediction app.

MEB vs BEE Centre Position

FajardoJ M46.541.936124.4
HugnatanR1.2 01.2
BaclaoN0 00

J Mar Fajardo is the top player for BEE and best in Center position. He has scored 124.4 dreeam11 points in last three matches.His average points per match is 41.4.

M J Fajardo is the our strong suggestion for today’s MEB vs BEE centre Position.

MEB vs BEE Dream11 Prediction

The top 8 players for Meralco Bolts vs Beerman prediction are

  1. J Perez-I (Point Guard)
  2. C Banchero (Point Guard)
  3. C Newsome (Point Guard)
  4. C Rose (Shooting Guard)
  5. R Herndon (Small Forward)
  6. S Enciso (Power Forward)
  7. C Hodge (Power Forward)
  8. J Mar Fajardo (Centre)

MEB vs BEE dream11 Star Player and Pro Player

Star Player- J Perez-I

Pro Player- C Newsome.