Manas Tigers vs Kaziranga Heroes BYJU Assam T20 Player stats by gameplantoday |CYM vs NCT match prediction

We welcome the readers of the gameplantoday.In today’s prediction let us preview the two matches and their detailed analysis about their Match details, Venue details, Date& day of the match scheduled, Pitch analysis, Weather prediction, and Key Players of the respective teams along with the win probability of the teams.

  1. Manas Tigers vs Barak Brave hearts.
  2. Cyprus Moufflons CC vs Nicosia Tigers CC

Manas Tigers vs Barak Brave hearts Match Details

Let us now look into the first team who are going to defend for their win.

Between the team’s Manas Tigers Vs Barak Brave hearts.

Match details: The 17th match of BYJU’s Assam T20,2021

Venue details: It is scheduled at Judges field in Guwahati.

Date: 26th September 2021

Day: Sunday at 09:00 AM

Manas Tigers vs Barak Brave Hearts Pitch Report

Pitch Analysis!

According to the expert’s prediction, the pitch behavior at the Judges Field, Guwahati is completely a balanced one and it is quite favorable for both the batsman and the Pacers. Manas Tigers are going to face off against the team Kaziranga Heroes in the Judge’s field cricket stadium, Guwahati.

Weather analysis!

The weather seems favorable for both the batsman and the Pacers and there is no rainfall expected during the match.

Manas Tigers Player Stats

Manas tigers are facing hard luck and they didn’t win in the last 5 seasons of league matches played and hence positioned last in the points table. The team needs to put in lots of effort and make strategies for winning against the team opponent whereas the team opponent Brave hearts have established as the best team in the T20 competition. In the five league matches played the team had won in the four matches and it’s an incredible win.

Hence the team Manas tigers are positioned last in the points table whereas the team Brave Hearts have positioned first in the points table and in today’s match to the team Brave hearts will be eyeing for the win against the team opponent.

The leading key players of the Manas Tigers are Nihar Deka, Romario Basfor, and Pallavkumar Das.

The key bowlers of the team Manas Tigers are Mrinmoy Dutta, Dharani Rabha, and Abdul Ajij Khuraishi.

It is expected that Mrinmoy Dutta will pick off a maximum number of wickets against the team opponent.

Manas Tigersvs Kaziranga Heroes on 20th Septembervs Dihing Patkai Riders on 22nd Septembervs Brahmaputra Boys on 25th September
Pallavkumar.Das3 (Opener)31 (Opener)30 (Opener)
Nihar.Deka21 (Opener)16 (Opener)0 (Opener)
Roshan.Basfor6 (1 down)28 (2 down)23 (3 down)
Erik.Roy12 (2 down)2 (1 down)10 (1 down)
Romario.Sharma29 (3 down)9 (3 down)9 (4 down)
Aman.Chetry3 (4 down)8 (5 down)14 (6 down)
Amlanjyoti.Das9 (5 down)8 (4 down)7 (2 down)
Abdul.Ajij.Khuraishi2 (6 down)0 (7 down)DNP
Dharani.Rabha23 (7 down)13 (6 down)0 (5 down)
Mrinmoy.Dutta1 (8 down)6 (8 down)- (9 down)
Dipok.Gohain0 (9 down)1 (9 down)DNP
Hrishikesh.BoraDNPDNP- (7 down)
Nihar.PaulDNPDNP- (8 down)
Bowling Stats
Mrinmoy.Dutta4 (0)4 (0)4 (3)
Dharani.Rabha4 (2)3.5 (1)2 (2)
Abdul.Ajij.Khuraishi4 (2)1 (0)DNP
Dipok.Gohain2 (0)2 (1)DNP
Aman.Chetry4 (1)3 (0)1.1 (0)
Pallavkumar.Das1 (0)2 (1)-
Amlanjyoti.Das1 (0)3 (1)4 (4)
Romario.Sharma-1 (0)-
Nihar.PaulDNPDNP2 (0)
Hrishikesh.BoraDNPDNP3 (0)

Barak Brave Hearts Player Stats

The team Brave Hearts is a balanced team and hence they are equally good at batting and bowling. Based on the last 2 years’ T20 matches played the key players of the team Brave hearts are N Deka, R Ahmed, and P Aziz. The leading key bowlers of the team Brave Hearts are N Deka, R Alam, and A Sengupta and they have played 4 matches at this stadium serving the best contributors of the teams.

The leading players of the team Barak Brave Hearts are:

Nibir Deka, Ayush Agarwal, Parvez Aziz, Swarupam Purkayastha, Wasiqur Rahman, Rajjakuddin Ahmed , Akash Sengupta, Nipan Deka, Roshan Alam, Darshan Rajbongshi, and Dhrubajyoti Das.

And as for the live status, the team Barak Brave hearts won the toss and choose to play.

Kaziranga Heroesvs Dihing Patkai Riders on 23rd Septembervs Manas Tigers on 20th Septembervs Subansiri Champs on 25th September
Ranjit.Mali7 (Opener)- (6 down)- (7 down)
Danish.Das34 (Opener)0 (Opener)29 (Opener)
Hrishikesh.Tamuli25 (1 down)33 (1 down)8 (Opener)
Amit.Sinha11 (2 down)33 (3 down)2 (1 down)
Pritam.Debnath31 (3 down)34 (4 down)6 (2 down)
Abhilash.Gogoi1 (4 down)9 (5 down)0 (6 down)
Shivam.Mittal18 (5 down)DNP16 (5 down)
Kalam.Raiza6 (6 down)- (9 down)44 (4 down)
Bishal.Das1 (7 down)DNPDNP
Abhijit.Barman- (8 down)- (8 down)- (8 down)
Abir.Chakraborty- (9 down)DNP- (9 down)
Bishal.SahaDNP8 (Opener)DNP
Sandip.Paul.MazumdarDNP4 (2 down)DNP
Dasarath.KumarDNP- (7 down)DNP
Md.KaifDNPDNP10 (3 down)
Bowling Stats
Ranjit.Mali2 (0)3.1 (2)4 (2)
Abhilash.Gogoi4 (2)4 (3)4 (1)
Amit.Sinha4 (1)4 (1)3 (0)
Abhijit.Barman3 (0)4 (2)2 (0)
Bishal.Das1 (0)DNPDNP
Abir.Chakraborty4 (1)DNP4 (1)
Kalam.Raiza2 (1)3 (2)-
Dasarath.KumarDNP1 (0)DNP
Danish.Das--3 (2)

CYM vs NCT Match Details

Let us now look into the second team who are going to defend for their win.

Between the teams Cyprus Moufflons CC VS Nicosia Tigers CC.

Match details: Fan code ECS Cyprus, T10,2021

Venue details: It is scheduled at Ypsonas Cricket Ground, Limassol, Cyprus.

Date: 27th September 2021

Day: Monday at 12:00 AM

CYM vs NCT Pitch Report

Pitch behavior:

Based on the last 2 years’ data and experts’ prediction, the pitch at the Ypsonas Cricket ground, Limassol, Cyprus is overall favorable for both the batsman and the pacers and it is a batting-friendly field.

Weather Analysis!

Weather is predicted with the clear sky and there is no probability of rainfall during the match.

CYM Player Stats

CYM owns the strong probability of winning in today’s match against the team opponent and in the last 5 T10 matches played the team CYM had won 3 matches and lost to 2 matches whereas the team NCT had won 4 matches and lost to a match. The strength of the team CYM are strong batting and they could secure maximum innings for their team. The top key players at this venue are

The key batsman of the team CYM are: G Singh,M Khan and Z Sarwar.

The key bowlers of the team CYM are: W Ali, L Singh and M Yamin who had played many matches at the today’s venue and recorded a good innings and wicket taking records.

The team CYM had played 6 matches and had won 4 matches and hence positioned second in the points table.

Cyprus Moufflonsvs Sri Lankan Lions on 20th Septembervs Black Caps on 23rd Septembervs Black Caps on 24th September
BattingRuns (Down)Runs (Down)Runs (Down)
Gurpratap.Singh6 (Opener)DNPDNP
Mehran.Khan29 (Opener)8 (Opener)0 (Opener)
Kulwinder.Singh0 (1 down)DNPDNP
Hamza.Rehman13 (2 down)DNPDNP
Tejwinder.Singh2 (3 down)DNPDNP
Muhammad.Hussain24 (4 down)- (5 down)- (5 down)
Scott.Austin8 (5 down)41 (2 down)4 (2 down)
Waqar.Ali- (6 down)- (4 down)- (6 down)
Lakhwinder.Singh- (7 down)- (8 down)- (7 down)
Murtaza.Yamin- (8 down)- (7 down)- (8 down)
Abu.Sufyan- (9 down)DNP- (9 down)
Gurdeep.SharmaDNP3 (Opener)3 (1 down)
Zeeshan.SarwarDNP6 (1 down)37 (Opener)
Minhas.KhanDNP26 (3 down)24 (3 down)
Gursewak.SinghDNP- (6 down)13 (4 down)
Ghulam.MurtazaDNP- (9 down)DNP
Bowling Stats
Murtaza.Yamin2 (0)2 (0)2 (1)
Gurpratap.Singh1 (0)DNPDNP
Hamza.Rehman2 (1)DNPDNP
Lakhwinder.Singh1 (0)2 (1)2 (3)
Tejwinder.Singh2 (1)DNPDNP
Waqar.Ali2 (1)2 (0)2 (0)
Gurdeep.SharmaDNP2 (0)-
Scott.Austin-1 (0)-
Gursewak.SinghDNP1 (0)2 (2)
Abu.Sufyan-DNP2 (0)

NCT Player Stats

NCT players are equally good at batting and in today’s match they need to strategies for winning against the team opponent. Based on experts prediction the team owns the less probability of winning in today’s match. The team NCT had played 8 matched and had won 6 matches and hence positioned first in the points table.

The leading key batsman of the team NCT are: Y Khan, R Mazumder and I Jaman

The leading key bowlers of the team NCT are: I Jaman ,A Hossain and F Mia.

The player and the all rounder I Jaman would score maximum innings for his team and pick off maximum wickets against the team opponent. Both the teams are sailing together in a same boat and let us wait and watch who defend against whom.

Nicosia Tigers vs Nicosia X1 Fighters on 23rd Septembervs Amdocs on 24th Septembervs Amdocs on 25th September
BattingRuns (Down)Runs (Down)Runs (Down)
Roman.Mazumder11 (Opener)21 (Opener)28 (Opener)
Faysal.Mia5 (Opener)12 (Opener)8 (Opener)
Rashidul.Hassan6 (1 down)DNPDNP
Sakhawat.Hossain22 (2 down)20 (4 down)14 (3 down)
Abid.Ali6 (3 down)2 (3 down)13 (2 down)
Iftekar.Jaman1 (4 down)14 (2 down)13 (1 down)
Anowar.Hossain21 (5 down)2 (1 down)0 (4 down)
Jahid.Hassan0 (6 down)DNPDNP
Kazi.Saiful- (7 down)- (8 down)0 (7 down)
Bilal.Hussain- (8 down)DNPDNP
Tomal.Aminul- (9 down)1 (5 down)0 (5 down)
Delwar.HossainDNP- (6 down)- (8 down)
ShakilDNP- (7 down)- (9 down)
Shajjad.BaddanDNP- (9 down)8 (6 down)
Bowling Stats
Bilal.Hussain2 (0)DNPDNp
Iftekar.Jaman2 (2)2 (0)2 (2)
Anowar.Hossain2 (1)2 (1)2 (0)
Faysal.Mia2 (2)2 (0)2 (2)
Jahid.Hassan1 (0)DNPDNP
Rashidul.Hassan1 (0)DNPDNP
Tomal.Aminul-2 (1)2 (0)
Roman.Mazumder-2 (0)2 (1)