Korea vs New Zealand dream11 prediction

Match Preview

Teams : Korea vs New Zealand

Date & Time : 21.07.2022 & 06:30 PM

Korea expected Starting lineup

ChoiJoon Young


KimJong Kyu

RaGun Ah

YangHong Seok

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New Zealand expected Starting lineup



Perrott HuntK 

Smith MilnerT 


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Korea last 5 match stats

Won, Won, Won, Won, Won

New Zealand last 5 match stats

Won, Won,Lost, Won, Won

Note: The points in the below tables are calculated manually by gameplantoday based on Dream11 fantasy point System.

Korea last three match player stats

Korea last three match player stats for dream11 prediction
Korea last three match player stats

New Zealand last three match player stats

New Zealand last three match player stats for dream11 prediction
New Zealand last three match player stats

Korea vs New Zealand Point-Guard dream11 prediction

ChoiJoon Young13.824.729.968.4
LeeDae Sung11.224.124.459.7
YangHong Seok23.87.913.7

For KOR vs NZL point guard position we have selected three players namely,

  1. L Dae Sung
  2. T Murray
  3. J Choi

All the above mentioned three players have played their last three matches consistently.Among these three T Murray and J Choi are compulsory player or today’s dream11 team.

Korea vs New Zealand Shooting-Guard dream11 prediction

Perrott HuntK161912.747.7
HeoWoong 26.117.643.7
HeoHoon 15.216.932.1
KeilK 020.220.2

F Cameron is the best player for New Zealand and is our Star Player choice for today’s match.He played well in the last match vs Syria and scored 32.6 dream11 points.

Heo Wong (H Heo) is our second pick in Shooting Guard position.He was good in the last two matches and scored 43.7 dream11 points .

Korea vs New Zealand Small-Forward dream11 prediction

LeeDae Heon9.319.2 28.5
SongKyo Chang8.811.57.127.4
LeeWoo Seok11.6 314.6
DarlingM2.50 2.5

T Fahrenson is the only player we gameplantoday recommend for today’s KOR vs NZL small forward position.All the other players in this position have not played consistently and scored very less points.

Korea vs New Zealand Power-Forward dream11 prediction

RaGun Ah35.736.424.196.2
KangSang Jae4.4 6.410.8

S Mennenga and G Ra are the two good options for today match in Power Forward position.Of these two we prefer G Ra for today’s match because of his last three match performance and dream11 credit score.

G Ra is our Pro Player choice for today dream11 match.

Korea vs New Zealand Centre dream11 prediction

Smith MilnerT11.627.117.556.2
KimJong Kyu7.915.27.230.3
JangJae Seok89.210.227.4

Timmins and Smith Milner are the two good players in Centre Position.On reviewing the last three match performance T Smith Milner has score more than S Timmins in the two matches out of three.

So Considering the above fact T Smith Milner is our Centre Position player for today KOR vs NZL dream11 match.

Korea vs New Zealand Dream11 team

PG- J Choi, L Dae-Sung, T Murray

SG- H Hero, F Cameron

SF- T Fahrensohn

PF- G Ra

C- T Smith Milner

Korea vs New Zealand dream11 Star Player and Pro Player

Star Player- F Cameron

Pro Player- G Ra.