Kathmandu Kings X1 vs Bhairahawa Gladiators Everest Premier League T20 Player stats by gameplantoday

In today’s game plan, readers of this blog are treated to yet another exciting league match where Kathmandu Kings X1 and Bhairahawa Gladiators will play.

  1. Kathmandu Kings X1 vs Bhairahawa Gladiators (Everest Premier League T20)
  2. England X1 vs Spain (Dream11 ECC T10)

Kathmandu Kings X1 vs Bhairahawa Gladiators Match Details

Match details:

Match 13, Everest Premier League,2021 is happening between the teams Kathmandu Kings X1 Vs Bhairahawa Gladiators.

Venue details: Tribhuvan University International Cricket Ground, Kirtipur, Nepal.

Date & Day of the match event: 5th October 2021, Tuesday, and the match starts at 9:15 AM.

Kathmandu Kings X1 vs Bhairahawa Gladiators Pitch Report

Pitch Report:

The pitch at the Tribhuvan University International cricket ground is batting friendly based on the data from the last two years and predictions from experts.  

Weather analysis:

There is no chance of rain during the match due to the clear skies.  

Points table:

A team KK reached the fifth spot in the standings after having played three matches and won a match, whereas a team BG reached the third spot after playing three matches and winning a match.  

Kathmandu Kings X1 Player Stats

The team won a match in its last five T10 matches played, whereas the team’s opponent BG won two matches in its last five matches, and the team BG is expected to win today’s match too since it holds a high probability. According to the last 2 years of T20 matches played at this venue, the top three batsmen are: R Gurbaz, R Burl, and R Rijal, who have scored 30.7, 29.3, and 23.7 points.

J Mukhiya, G Jha, and R Burl are the primary bowlers for the team, and they are also the team’s wicket-takers. Today, an average total score of 156 runs is predicted.

Kathmandu Kings X1vs Lalitpur Patriots on 25th Septembervs Chitwan Tigers on 30th Septembervs Biratnagar Warriors on 3rd October
Rahmanullah.Gurbaz59 (Opener)5 (Opener)28 (Opener)
Subash.Khakurel0 (Opener)35 (Opener)26 (3 down)
Amit.Shrestha4 (1 down)6 (1 down)- (5 down)
Ryan.Burl73 (2 down)0 (3 down)15 (1 down)
Raju.Rijal19 (3 down)28 (2 down)24 (Opener)
Siddhant.Lohani- (4 down)8 (7 down)- (4 down)
Gulsan.Jha- (5 down)4 (4 down)- (7 down)
Shahid.Afridi- (6 down)DNPDNP
Sher.Malla- (7 down)DNPDNP
Sandeep.Lamichhane- (8 down)7 (8 down)- (9 down)
Jitendra.Mukhiya- (9 down)- (9 down)- (8 down)
Janak.PrakashDNP26 (5 down)DNP
Amar.Singh.RoutelaDNP5 (6 down)- (6 down)
Ashan.PriyanjanDNPDNP0 (2 down)
Bowling Stats
Jitendra.Mukhiya4 (4)3.4 (2)2 (0)
Gulsan.Jha4 (2)4 (1)2 (1)
Sandeep.Lamichhane4 (0)4 (1)2 (1)
Shahid.Afridi4 (0)DNPDNP
Ryan.Burl4 (2)4 (2)2 (1)
Janak.PrakashDNP3 (1)DNP

Bhairahawa Gladiators Player Stats

In the prediction of the expert, the team BG has the best chances of winning. U Tharanga, K Malla, and A Sheikh are the team’s top three key batsmen based on the team’s last two T20 matches.

A Bohara, D Gupta, and D Prasad, who were the leading bowlers, are their key wicket-takers, as is KK, who took the team’s key wickets.

As today’s team has the highest probability of winning, the team opponent must concentrate on the marketing strategies for winning and moving ahead in the points table.

Bhairahawa Gladiatorsvs Biratnagar Warriors on 29th Septembervs Lalitpur Patriots on 4th October
Pradeep.Airee22 (Opener)2 (Opener)
Tamim.Iqbal12 (Opener)14 (Opener)
Upul.Tharanga34 (1 down)67 (2 down)
Rohit.Kumar.Paudel12 (2 down)2 (1 down)
Aarif.Sheikh0 (3 down)28 (3 down)
Sharad.Vesawkar6 (4 down)6 (5 down)
Kushal.Malla- (5 down)35 (4 down)
Abhinash.Bohara- (6 down)- (8 down)
Dammika.Prasad- (7 down)- (7 down)
Krishna.Karki- (8 down)- (6 down)
Durgesh.Gupta- (9 down)- (9 down)
Bowling Stats
Dammika.Prasad3 (3)4 (1)
Durgesh.Gupta4 (1)4 (0)
Abhinash.Bohara3.4 (2)4 (2)
Krishna.Karki4 (1)4 (1)
Aarif.Sheikh3 (3)1 (1)
Sharad.VesawkarDNP3 (0)

England X1 vs Spain Match Details

Match 5, Dream 11, European Cricket Championship,2021 features England X1 against Spain.

It is scheduled at Cartama oval, Cartama, Spain.

Date & Day of the match event: 4th October 2021, Monday, and the match starts at 08:30 PM.

England X1 vs Spain Pitch Report

According to back-to-back data and predictions from experts, the pitch at the Cartama cricket ground is batting friendly.    

Weather analysis:

 Despite the broken sky, there is no chance of rain during the match, and it is quite batting and bowling-friendly.

England X1 Player Stats

Among the last five T10 matches played, the English X1 team won 4 and lost one while the Spanish team lost three. Therefore, England X1 has the highest possibility of winning against Spain’s X1 team.  

England X1 has the advantage of good batsmanship, whereas Spain’s strength is strong bowling.

Among the top players at the venue today, and based on the previous two years’ T10 predictions, the key batsman for England X1 are D Lincoln, H Ward, and A Mellor.

S Pearce, A Russell, and R Edwards are the key bowlers of the team England X1.

England X1vs Czech Republic on 30th Septembervs Germany on October 1vs Italy on October 1
BattingRuns (Down)Runs (Down)Runs (Down)
Harrison.Ward12 (Opener)51 (Opener)5 (Opener)
Dan.Lincoln25 (Opener)6 (Opener)105 (Opener)
Alex.Mellor27 (1 down)9 (2 down)0 (1 down)
Andy.Rishton8 (2 down)31 (1 down)24 (2 down)
Tom.Bevan- (3 down)0 (3 down)1 (3 down)
Luke.Webb- (4 down)DNPDNP
Sam.Pearce- (5 down)2 (4 down)2 (4 down)
Euan.Woods- (6 down)- (5 down)- (5 down)
Rich.Edwards- (7 down)- (6 down)- (7 down)
Max.Uttley- (8 down)DNPDNP
Alex.Russell- (9 down)- (7 down)- (6 down)
Arthur.GodsalDNP- (8 down)- (9 down)
Zaman.AkhterDNP- (9 down)- (8 down)
Bowling Stats
Rich.Edwards2 (0)2 (0)2 (1)
Euan.Woods2 (0)2 (1)2 (0)
Sam.Pearce2 (3)2 (2)2 (1)
Alex.Russell2 (2)2 (1)2 (2)
Max.Uttley1 (0)DNPDNP
Andy.Rishton1 (1)1 (0)1 (1)
Zaman.AkhterDNP1 (0)1 (0)

Spain Player Stats

Team Spain is good at bowling attacks and uses it as a defensive tactic. Based on the last two years’ T10 matches played, the key batsmen of Spain are H Saleem, J Perman, and A Ahmed.

A Mehmood and K Lal are the key wicket-takers and bowlers of the team.

The team Spain has the highest chance of winning when they focus on a defensive strategy, giving the opponent the toughest match.

Spainvs Belgium on 17th Septembervs Sweden on 17th Septembervs Belgium on 17th September
BattingRuns (Down)Runs (Down)Runs (Down)
Awais.Ahmed29 (Opener)3 (Opener)10 (Opener)
Kuldeep.Lal21 (Opener)1 (4 down)33 (4 down)
Jack.Perman38 (1 down)25 (1 down)8 (1 down)
Hamza.Saleem6 (2 down)65 (2 down)22 (2 down)
Yasir.Ali2 (3 down)7 (Opener)13 (Opener)
Asjad.Butt9 (4 down)30 (3 down)9 (3 down)
Christian.Munoz-Mills- (5 down)- (5 down)- (8 down)
Zulqarnain.Haider- (6 down)- (8 down)5 (5 down)
Thomas.Vine- (7 down)- (9 down)1 (7 down)
Raja.Adeel- (8 down)DNP- (9 down)
Ravi.Panchal- (9 down)DNPDNP
Atif.MehmoodDNP- (6 down)DNP
Paul.HennessyDNP- (7 down)2 (6 down)
Bowling Stats
Raja.Adeel2 (0)DNP1 (1)
Hamza.Saleem1 (0)--
Zulqarnain.Haider1 (1)2 (2)2 (1)
Thomas.Vine2 (1)2 (2)2 (3)
Kuldeep.Lal1.3 (2)2 (1)2 (1)
Yasir.Ali1 (0)-1 (0)
Atif.MehmoodDNP2 (2)DNP
Paul.HennessyDNP2 (1)2 (1)