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In today’s prediction let’s have a quick glimpse about the match details, venue, and the previous match statistics. The first team which is going to compete for their win are Ireland VS Zimbabwe 3d T20 match & the second discussion is all about England Women VS New Zealand Women 1st T20 match.

  1. Ireland vs Zimbabwe 3rd T20
  2. England Women vs New Zealand Women 1st T20

Ireland vs Zimbabwe Match Details

Match Details:

Zimbabwe tour of Ireland,2021 is scheduled between the teams Ireland VS Zimbabwe,3rd T20 match and it is scheduled on 1st September 2021 at 07:30 PM.

Venue details:

3rd T20I, Zimbabwe tour of Ireland 2021,5 T20I series,2021 is happening at Bready Cricket Club, Bready, Ireland.

Ireland vs Zimbabwe Pitch Report

Pitch Analysis!

Based on the last 2 years’ data and about the expert prediction, the pitch is analyzed and overall balanced between the batters and bolwers and best suitable for the Pacers. Based on the last 5-20 matches played the average total score recorded at this venue is 145 runs and the average first innings score recorded at this venue is 158 runs.

Weather Analysis!

The Weather at Bready Cricket club is reported to be partially cloudy and the cricket field will be favorable for the batters and the bolwers.

Ireland Player Stats

The leading key player of the team Ireland is Kevin O’Brien who had secured 60 runs in the match played against the team Zimbabwe. In today’s match too he will play the role of the leading opener and score great innings for their team’s win against Zimbabwe. Paul Stirling is another Key player who contributes efficiently through his consistency in fetching innings for his team. He could lead his team through his consistency and as an opener he had secured 37 runs in the match played against the team Zimbabwe. The team Ireland’s strength is Kevin O’Brien. The Key players Kevin O” Brien& Paul Stirling can have a partnership together for achieving a good innings rate. The team has the best bolwers namely Shane Getkate who had bowled for 4 overs and took off 3 wickets in the match played against the team Zimbabwe. yet another striking performance by the bowlers of the team Ireland by Craig Young & Simi Singh who had bolwed 2 overs and picked off 2 wickets in the match played against the team Zimbabwe on August 27th.

Irelandvs Zimbabwe on August 27vs Zimbabwe on August 29
BattingRuns (Down)Runs (Down)
Paul.Stirling24 (Opener)37 (Opener)
Kevin.O'Brien25 (Opener)60 (Opener)
Andrew.Balbirnie6 (1 down)5 (1 down)
George.Dockrell8 (2 down)33 (2 down)
Shane.Getkate5 (3 down)- (6 down)
Curtis.Campher3 (4 down)DNP
Neil.Rock4 (5 down)- (4 down)
Simi.Singh28 (6 down)- (5 down)
Barry.McCarthy4 (7 down)- (8 down)
Craig.Young0 (8 down)- (7 down)
Ben.White0 (9 down)- (9 down)
Harry.TectorDNP5 (3 down)
Craig.Young4 (2)4 (0)
Barry.McCarthy4 (1)4 (0)
Curtis.Campher2 (0)DNP
Simi.Singh4 (2)4 (0)
Shane.Getkate2 (1)4 (3)
Ben.White4 (0)-

Zimbabwe Player Stats

Regis Chakabva from the team Zimbabwe will the leading key player and an opener of the team who had secured 47 runs in the match played against the team Ireland. Regis Chakabva can lead his team by owing a partnership play with the player Milton Shumba to acheive striking innings rate for their team’s win. Yet another good performance recorded by the player Milton Shumba who had secured 46 runs as a 4 down batsman of the team,against the match played between the team Ireland. The bowler Ryan Burl had picked off 3 wickets and had bolwed 4 overs in the match played against the team Ireland and the team Zimbabwe owns the best bolwers like Wellington Masakadza and Luke Jongwe who could take good wickets against the team Ireland.

Zimbabwevs Ireland on August 27vs Ireland on August 29
BattingRuns (Down)Runs (Down)
Wesley.Madhevere1 (Opener)21 (Opener)
Tadiwanashe.Marumani1 (Opener)11 (Opener)
Regis.Chakabva47 (1 down)10 (1 down)
Dion.Myers10 (2 down)1 (2 down)
Craig.Ervine17 (3 down)15 (3 down)
Milton.Shumba7 (4 down)46 (4 down)
Ryan.Burl12 (5 down)37 (5 down)
Wellington.Masakadza19 (6 down)- (8 down)
Luke.Jongwe2 (7 down)- (7 down)
Tendai.Chatara- (8 down)- (6 down)
Richard.Ngarava- (9 down)- (9 down)
Wellington.Masakadza4 (2)3 (0)
Richard.Ngarava4 (1)3.3 (0)
Tendai.Chatara3 (0)3 (1)
Luke.Jongwe4 (2)3 (0)
Ryan.Burl4 (3)4 (2)
Dion.Myers1 (0)-
Milton.Shumba-2 (0)

England Women vs New Zealand Women Match Details

Match Details:

The match between the teams England women Vs New Zealand Women is scheduled on 1st September 2021 at 07:00 PM IST.

Venue details:

1st T20I, England Women VS New Zealand women is happening at the venue County Ground, Chelmsford.

England Women vs New Zealand Women Pitch Report

Pitch analysis!

The Essex County Ground is quite favourble for both batters and bolwers. An average score of 138 runs is been recorded at this venue. The chasing team had won 6 out of 10 matches been played.

Weather Anlaysis!

The weather at County Ground, Chelmsford is predicted to be cloudy, however there is no chances of rain during the match. The temperature to be recorded at this venue is 17 degree celsius and the humidity in the 60’s.

England Women Player Stats

Natasha Farrant had put up an incredible show in the match played against the team Oval Invicibles and in today’s match she would outperform other players with good innings rate. Yet another striking performance by the England women player Danielle Wyatt and had scored 89 runs as a leading opener in the match played against the team India. Tammy Beaumont and Danielle Wyatt partnership would workout in today’s match played against the team opponent. Sophie Ecclestone is the best bowler to represent the team England women and had bolwed for 4 overs and picked off 3 wickets against the team opponent.

England Womenvs India on 9th Julyvs India on 11 Julyvs India on 14 July
Tammy.Beaumont18 (Opener)59 (Opener)11 (Opener)
Danielle.Wyatt31 (Opener)3 (Opener)89 (Opener)
Natalie.Sciver55 (1 down)1 (1 down)42 (1 down)
Heather.Knight6 (2 down)30 (2 down)6 (2 down)
Amy.Jones43 (3 down)11 (3 down)- (3 down)
Sophia.Dunkley1 (4 down)4 (4 down)- (4 down)
Katherine.Brunt2 (5 down)5 (5 down)- (5 down)
Sophie.Ecclestone9 (6 down)5 (6 down)- (6 down)
Sarah.Glenn- (7 down)1 (8 down)- (8 down)
Mady.Villiers- (8 down)2 (7 down)- (7 down)
Freya.Davies- (9 down)- (9 down)- (9 down)
Katherine.Brunt2 (1)3 (0)4 (2)
Natalie.Sciver2 (1)4 (1)4 (1)
Freya.Davies1 (0)4 (1)4 (0)
Sophie.Ecclestone1 (0)4 (0)4 (3)
Sarah.Glenn1.4 (1)3 (1)2 (0)
Mady.Villiers1 (0)2 (1)2 (0)

New Zealand Women Player Stats

Sophie Devine,Suzie Bates and Amy Satterthwaite are looked up with regards to New Zealand team performance is concerned. They own the best bowler and wicket taker of the team Leigh Kasperek and a leading wicket taker of the team New Zealand women. The team England women is expected to give tough fight to the team New Zealand women and the team has to gear up for their today’s win in the match. The team New Zealand women backs up the players who scored less than the team England women and Frances mackay would expected to take off the match to heights as a leading opener of the team. Frances Mackay & Jess Karr would be the bst supporting bowlers & wicket takers of the team New Zealand Women.

New Zealand Womenvs Australia on 28 Marchvs Australia on 30 March
Sophie.Devine17 (Opener)DNP
Hayley.Jensen14 (Opener)3 (Opener)
Amy.Satterthwaite40 (1 down)6 (1 down)
Amelia.Kerr20 (2 down)36 (2 down)
Katey.Martin1 (3 down)5 (3 down)
Maddy.Green15 (4 down)16 (5 down)
Brooke.Halliday11 (5 down)1 (4 down)
Frances.Mackay3 (6 down)46 (Opener)
Rosemary.Mair- (7 down)- (7 down)
Jess.Kerr- (8 down)- (8 down)
Hannah.Rowe- (9 down)14 (6 down)
Thamsyn.NewtonDNP- (9 down)
Frances.Mackay4 (1)4 (2)
Jess.Kerr4 (2)4 (1)
Rosemary.Mair3 (0)4 (0)
Amelia.Kerr3 (1)4 (0)
Sophie.Devine3 (0)DNP
Hayley.Jensen1 (0)-
Hannah.Rowe-2 (0)
Amy.Satterthwaite-2 (0)