India’s 17-year-old Longer Jumper from Anju Bobby George Academy Wins Silver | Shaili Singh

You might be aware of the U20 World Athletics Championship 2021. This championship created an astonishing moment for India.

Shaili Singh, a 17-year-old who got trained at Anju Bobby George Academy now holds silver in Long Jump for Women.

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GamePlan Today – Long Jump Highlights

  • Shaili Singh won silver in Women’s Long Jump by jumping 6.59m
  • Just by a miss of 1 cm, Sweden’s Maja Askag won the event
  • Shaili Singh has been trained by Booby George

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Who is Shaili Singh?

A centimeter misses

A Journey to Nairobi

Her Mother

Anju’s Expectations

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Who is Shaili Singh?

A 17-year-old Jhansi’s long jumper is Shaili Singh. Her mother is a single parent who preferred the tailoring job for her earnings.

Shaili is the 1st from her family to jump into sports. She gives all her credits to her mother for encouraging Shaili to pursue track & field.

Her big break came only after she got spotlighted by Robert Bobby George who is the husband of Anju Bobby George. Bobby George mentored and coached her.

It was the National Junior Athletics Championships at Vijayawada in 2017, where Robert met Shaili.

At that time Shaili had no proper training and techniques. She was a rough diamond and valuable thing who was guided to achieve big.

A centimeter misses:

Shaili Singh missed her gold by just a centimeter. Yet she made her get established as a star to look out for.

In the 3rd jump, she leaped to her best of 6.59m to enter into provisional 1st place after dropping to 4th by the end of her second round.

The next 2 jumps by Shaili were considered fouls. She gathered all her energy and hopes to perform better in the last round. But, she was bent down and hit her track with the palm at 6.37m.

Shaili Singh’s eyes were occupied before she regained her composure. She then held our Tricolor over her shoulders.

A Journey to Nairobi:

The journey Shaili made from Jhansi to Nairobi was a promising one filled with uphill climbs.

During her childhood, she didn’t have enough money. Shaili ran without her shoes and her family found it difficult to eat a 3 square meal a day.   

Her Mother:

Shaili’s mother is Vinita. She was the 1st person to whom Shaili made the first call to update her results.

Shaili added, “My mother advised me not to worry before finals. She hoped me to win gold”. Her mother also told her next time, Shaili will win gold.

Shaili’s mom wished to listen to the National Anthem that will be played at the stadium.

Being a single parent, it was difficult for her to take care of Shaili, her sister, and her brother.

Anju’s Expectations:

Senior World Champion, National Record Holder, and Bronze Medalist Anju hoped Shaili to reach huge heights and win an Olympic medal for India.

She also added that Shaili can still work on the national record (6.83m). Their main concentration for Shaili was to assist her to complete on the podium at our Olympic games. This is the most valuable thing.

Anju mentioned, “If my trainee can win a medal, I will have it as my own”.

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Hope you met the next big thing of our country who had won silver at U20 World’s Athletic Championship.

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