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Hey You All! GamePlan Today Talks is excited to meet you with yet another new blog. We are going to talk about Godziek Brothers.

Need a Sneak Peak?

  1. Godziek Brothers Finding Their Spot – Episode 1
  2. Godziek Brothers Finding Their Spot – Episode 2

Godziek Brothers have started a new vlog to stack their content from daily sessions. They found YouTube as the best place to post their updates. Though it won’t be a casual one, it will look similar to a video magazine.

So, GamePlan Today decided to pen down about them. We did it to give a chance to feel the stoke and atmosphere of bike riding.

Godziek Brothers Finding Their Spot – Episode 1

Godziek Brothers have been riding bikes for ten years. They both found a great spot for training. They got such a good jump when they jumped straight. It was good that and they couldn’t believe it!

They found they mess something on the take-off finally, just like moto “Have you drink cocoa?” Their new favourite jump finally arrived. Damn no! They couldn’t believe it because usually there was no balance.

And as they took off, their bar was like once they assembled 27, 5 tubes, they rode with it, and it was fine.

Godziek Brothers went there, and beating on the wheel was insane; after taking off that, they changed back to 26 instantly.

Through the whole video, they are digging. No riding, just exploring and barely jumping! It is supposed to be perfect for the video.

Too much MTB getting the lights out as they were short on the daylight. So, they decided to ride at night!

The brothers felt like an idiot, and they may be landed something twice. First, they were grabbing a pizza! Second, they got pizza between their teeth.

They are doing a night session.

Godziek Brothers got there 12 times 1500W and four-time 1000W. After that, they would go to sleep.

So that was what their first vlog episode talks about.

Let’s forget about this word. Yeah! Dive into their video magazine about riding as they don’t like vlogs!

So there will be not much talking, but they will post videos regularly with Szymon about riding from Szymon’s spot and another from different places, B.I.K.E. games they won’t film, they make sure not to post them!

Godziek Brothers Finding Their Spot – Episode 2

In this episode, the brothers were in their garden. As you all know, it’s the second episode.

They both seem to get a bit crazy, ride and jump with homies!

It’s been some time since someone rode that spot. They both haven’t ridden them for a year or since a jam.

Yeah! Have you seen this nose bonk to double bar? You should have learned not just to use a shovel. The jump was soft. They were fixing that. When the wind stops, they may ride that.

The first front flip went empty. What was that?! It was too big. Their bike was too big, or their legs were too long.

They were ending this episode 2! The brothers ended that episode! It was a bit windy that day. Straight to their face, it was hard to clear the second jump, and it was supposed to be marvellous.

Summing Up, GamePlan Today Talks has summarized the best vlog magazine for bike riders. So stay tuned to explore the unexplored sports world in GamePlan Today.

Meet you all soon in the next blog.