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GamePlan Today will take you on a virtual word trip to Gleason’s Gym situated in New York. The gym has been located on the Brooklyn Waterfront.

So, what can we witness in this blog? Well! You can get to know more about boxing sport.

GamePlan Today – Gleason’s Gym

  1. Gleason’s Gym – An Overview
  2. A New History
  3. A Huge Mix
  4. Boxing Royalty
  5. Muhammad Ali – A Favorite Story
  6. The Gym
  7. Final Words

Are you done with the Sneak Peek? Shall we walk further in deep to know many new things? Come! Let us go!

Gleason’s Gym – An Overview

Located in Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighbourhood is America’s oldest active boxing gym Gleason’s. It was a fixture in New York since 1937.

The gym is the home to some of the biggest names in our fight game.

Bruce Silverglade has been the owner here for almost 40 years. In 82 years, Gleason’s has produced more than the fair share of world champions.

From the beginning of 1937 till today, the gym has around 136 professional world champions. Few of the most famous ones are

  • Jake LaMotta
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Robert Duran &
  • Mike Tyson
  • Phil Terranova

There is currently seven world champion getting trained at the gym.

A New History

For the very first time in the gym’s history, they are training 7 Female Champions. Those seven are doing strong and very well.

Well! Gleason’s is not just for potential world champions, but the visitors come here to learn more about the noble art.

They have around 1200 members and 400 of which are female. So one-third of their boxers today are female.

A Huge Mix

The programs at the gym are for charitable purposes. Disabled people can be trained for free there. They are now coming up with a schedule for autistic children.

Many people come there, work there and get trained there. So, it will be a massive mix of the last melting pot set anywhere in the U.S.

Boxing Royalty

Those who get trained at the Gleason’s Gym always find themselves rubbing their shoulders with boxing royalty.

People from the lower socioeconomic background will also come and get trained there. One of the examples was Mike Tyson.

Muhammad Ali – A Favorite Story

Muhammad Ali was not able to walk up the gym’s stairs. He was starting to get Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s diseases at that time. It was affecting his mobility.

The owner told Ali’s driver that they would have an elevator to lift him, for which everyone agreed.

Then, the owner went down the stairs and was waiting for Ali’s limo to pull up. Muhammad Ali had arrived, and he got out of his car. A woman was walking down the street’s lane. She was talking to someone over the phone. Muhammad Ali took her phone spoke to that person over the phone.

He was one famous people in the world. But, he was a typical boxer.

The owner liked Muhammad’s simplicity and the way he loves people.

The Gym

The Gleason’s gym has got five rings. The gym is around 14,000 square feet with good pictures on the wall. The gym will have banners as well, with several champions on it.

In addition, there are vast numbers of photos inside the entire gym. So it will be exciting for the people who come in.

They have a speed bag area and free weights corner. It is one large gym where many people around the world will come daily.

It remains to be an exciting place for people to visit and get trained.

Final Words

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