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We welcome the readers of the gameplantoday! In today’s blog let us have a quick discussion on the Hero CPL match prediction between the two teams BR VS GUY and JAM VS TKR.

  1. Jamaica Talliwahs vs Tribago Knight Riders
  2. Barbados Royals vs Guyana Amazon Warriors

JAM vs TKR Match Details

Match details!

Today’s match is played between the team’s Jamaica Tallawahs VS Trinbago Knight Riders, Hero CPL T20 match is scheduled for today,07 September 2021, at 07:30 PM.

Venue details!

Match 19, Caribbean Premier League,2021 is happening at the venue, Warner Park, Basseterre, St Kitts, West Indies.

JAM vs TKR Pitch Report

Pitch Analysis!

According to the expert’s prediction, the pitch at Warner Park is overall balanced for both the Pacers and batters. Based on the last 5 matches T20 match statistics the average total score recorded at this venue is 138 runs & the Average first innings score recorded was 153 runs.

Points Table!

The team JAM had played 5 matches and had won 2 matches, hence positioned 4th in the Points table. The team TKR had played 6 matches and had played 3 matches, hence positioned 6th in the Points table.

Weather Analysis!

The weather at Warner Park is predicted with the slight rain.

JAM Player Stats

Based on the last 2 years T20 match statistics, the top players recorded at this venue are K Lewis, C Walton & C Brathwaite and had played 5 matches in Warner Park, it was a striking performance by Carlos Brathwaite and had secured 58 runs as a 5 down batsman and another key player and an efficient run-scorer of the team is Shamarh Brooks and had secured 47 runs as a three-down batsman. The team JAM’s strength is ,the Tallawahs had players from the local and as their wanted to expand their team’s strength,their started to source talented players from outside.They also own best bowlers in their team namely Rampaul,I Khan & A Russell and they have played 6 matches in the stadium to represent them as best bowlers.

Jamaica Tallawahsvs Barbados Tridents on 29th Augustvs st-kitts-and-nevis-patriots on 2nd Septvs trinbago-knight-riderson 6th Sept
Chadwick.Walton3 (Opener)26 (Opener)DNP
Kennar.Lewis10 (Opener)13 (Opener)0 (Opener)
Haider.Ali7 (1 down)8 (1 down)2 (1 down)
Rovman.Powell9 (2 down)24 (2 down)0 (2 down)
Shamarh.Brooks47 (3 down)14 (3 down)DNP
Carlos.Brathwaite29 (4 down)27 (4 down)58 (5 down)
Andre.Russell0 (5 down)5 (5 down)20 (6 down)
Migael.Pretorius15 (6 down)15 (6 down)- (8 down)
Chris.Green9 (7 down)6 (7 down)0 (7 down)
Veerasammy.Permaul2 (8 down)DNPDNP
Imran.Khan0 (9 down)DNPDNP
Joshua.JamesDNP3 (8 down)DNP
Fidel.EdwardsDNP2 (9 down)- (9 down)
Kirk.McKenzieDNPDNP4 (Opener)
Jason.MohammedDNPDNP5 (3 down)
Imad.WasimDNPDNP42 (4 down)
Bowling Stats
Migael.Pretorius4 (1)4 (1)4 (1)
Veerasammy.Permaul4 (2)DNPDNP
Andre.Russell4 (1)3 (1)2 (0)
Imran.Khan2 (0)DNPDNP
Rovman.Powell3 (1)3 (1)-
Chris.Green3 (0)4 (0)3.1 (0)
Fidel.EdwardsDNP3.4 (1)3 (0)
Imad.WasimDNPDNP4 (2)
Carlos.Brathwaite--1 (0)

TKR Player Stats

Based on the last 2 years T20 match statistics, the team TKR owns the best batsman in their team namely L Simmons,C Munro & K Pollard who had played 7 matches at this stadium and by then they have analysed the pitch at the Warner’s Park, West Indies. The partnership batting with the two players,Kieron Pollard & Colin Munro have chances and probability of the team winning against opponent. Their team Strength is Ravi Rampaul who had bowled for 4 overs and had picked off 4 wickets against the team Jamaica Talliwahs. According to the expert’s prediction the team TKR would be a strong defender in the today’s match.

Tribago Knight Ridersvs St Lucia Zouks on 31 Augustvs Guyana Amazon Warriors on Sept 01vs Jamaica Talliwahs on 6th Sept
BattingRuns (Down)Runs (Down)Runs (Down)
Lendl.Simmons11 (Opener)0 (Opener)70 (Opener)
Sunil.Narine24 (Opener)21 (Opener)9 (Opener)
Tion.Webster14 (1 down)19 (1 down)DNP
Kieron.Pollard41 (2 down)13 (4 down)7 (2 down)
Colin.Munro1 (3 down)32 (2 down)34 (1 down)
Tim.Seifert37 (4 down)4 (3 down)- (4 down)
Akeal.Hosein0 (5 down)9 (7 down)- (8 down)
Denesh.Ramdin8 (6 down)5 (5 down)- (5 down)
Isuru.Udana- (7 down)21 (6 down)- (6 down)
Ravi.Rampaul- (8 down)5 (9 down)- (9 down)
Jayden.Seales- (9 down)DNPDNP
Khary.PierreDNP0 (8 down)- (7 down)
Darren.BravoDNPDNP14 (3 down)
Bowling Stats
Jayden.Seales3 (0)DNPDNP
Ravi.Rampaul4 (3)4 (4)4 (2)
Isuru.Udana4 (2)3 (0)3 (1)
Sunil.Narine4 (1)4 (2)4 (1)
Akeal.Hosein4 (1)4 (1)4 (2)
Kieron.Pollard1 (0)1 (0)1 (0)
Khary.PierreDNP4 (1)4 (0)

BR vs GUY Match Details

Match details!

Today’s match is played between the team’s Barbados Royals VS Guyana Amazon Warriors, Hero CPL T20 match is scheduled on 08,September 2021, at 04:30 AM.

Venue details!

Match 20, Carribean Premier League,2021 between the teams barbados Royals VS Guyana Amazon Warriors happening at the venue, Warner Park, Basseterre, St Kitts, West Indies.

BR vs GUY Pitch Report

Pitch analysis!

According to the experts prediction ,the pitch at the Warner cricket stadium is overall balanced for both the batters and bowlers. The Average total score recorded at this venue are 138 runs and Average first innings score recorded was 153 runs.

Points table!

The team BR had played 6 matches and had won one, hence positioned last in the points table whereas the team GUY had played 6 matches and had won 3 matches,hence positioned third in the Points table.

Weather analysis!

The weather at warner cricket stadium is predicted with slight rain.

BR Player Stats

The team BR need a big come as they have won a match in six matches played and they need to give a tough to the team opponent. Based on last 2 years T20 match statistics,the top batsman recorded at this venue are A Khan,J Charles & G Philips and these players had played 6 match at the Warner Cricket stadium,West Indies. The key bowlers of the team BR are M Amir,R Reifer & J Holder. Glenn Philips is their team’s strength with regards to the best run -scorer followed by Raymon Reifer. They joint partnership could give a hike in their strike rate and high chances of winning against the team opponent.

Barbados Royalsvs Jamaica Talliwahs on 29 Augustvs st-kitts-and-nevis-patriots on 3rd Septvs Guyana Amazon Warriors on 5th Sept
BattingRuns (Down)Runs (Down)Runs (Down)
Johnson.Charles25 (Opener)30 (Opener)23 (Opener)
Shai.Hope7 (Opener)8 (Opener)22 (Opener)
Kyle.Mayers1 (1 down)DNPDNP
Glenn.Phillips56 (2 down)11 (2 down)1 (2 down)
Jason.Holder12 (3 down)19 (4 down)9 (5 down)
Azam.Khan13 (4 down)8 (3 down)28 (4 down)
Raymon.Reifer31 (5 down)2 (5 down)22 (3 down)
Thisara.Perera- (6 down)DNPDNP
Hayden.Walsh- (7 down)DNPDNP
Mohammad.Amir- (8 down)DNPDNP
Oshane.Thomas- (9 down)- (9 down)0 (9 down)
Smit.PatelDNP54 (1 down)0 (1 down)
Nyeem.YoungDNP9 (6 down)11 (6 down)
Ashley.NurseDNP5 (7 down)1 (7 down)
Jake.LintottDNP2 (8 down)2 (8 down)
Bowling Stats
Mohammad.Amir4 (2)DNPDNP
Jason.Holder3 (1)3 (0)2 (0)
Raymon.Reifer4 (3)3 (2)1 (0)
Oshane.Thomas4 (0)3 (0)2 (0)
Hayden.Walsh3 (0)DNPDNP
Thisara.Perera2 (2)DNPDNP
Ashley.NurseDNP3 (1)4 (0)
Jake.LintottDNP4 (2)2 (0)
Nyeem.YoungDNP4 (3)3.2 (1)

GUY Player Stats

The GUY team could be a strong defender and the strongest in terms of batters and bowlers and they don’t need any defending strategies but the team BR needs to strategies for winning. Based on the last 2 years T20 match prediction,the top batters at this venue are C Hemraj,M Hafeez & S Hetmyer who had played 6 matches at the venue with good strking rate.The leading key bowlers of the team are R Shepherd,I Thahir & O Smith and the bowler I Thahir has a good experience with 7 matches as a leading bowler representing the team GUY. Against the team Saint Lucia Kings ,the best batsman of the team GUY had secured 41 runs as a 4 down batsman& Chenrapaul Hemraj is their team strength and he had secured 105runs as a leading opener of the team in the match played against Barbados Trident.

Guyana Amazon Warriorsvs Tribago Amazon Warriors on 1st Septvs Saint Lucia Kings on 2nd Septvs Barbados Trident on 5th Sept
Chandrapaul.Hemraj6 (Opener)1 (Opener)105 (Opener)
Mohammad.Hafeez16 (Opener)5 (Opener)- (2 down)
Odean.Smith0 (1 down)31 (6 down)- (6 down)
Shimron.Hetmyer27 (2 down)9 (2 down)- (3 down)
Shoaib.Malik14 (3 down)4 (1 down)8 (1 down)
Nicholas.Pooran27 (4 down)41 (4 down)- (4 down)
Brandon.King10 (5 down)1 (3 down)19 (Opener)
Romario.Shepherd18 (6 down)1 (5 down)- (5 down)
Naveen-ul-Haq13 (7 down)1 (7 down)DNP
Imran.Tahir2 (8 down)0 (9 down)- (9 down)
Ashmead.Nedd- (9 down)DNPDNP
Gudakesh.MotieDNP0 (8 down)- (7 down)
Kevin.SinclairDNPDNP- (8 down)
Bowling Stats
Chandrapaul.Hemraj1 (1)2 (0)1 (0)
Romario.Shepherd4 (3)4 (3)4 (2)
Naveen-ul-Haq3 (1)3 (0)DNP
Mohammad.Hafeez3 (3)1 (0)1 (0)
Imran.Tahir4 (1)4 (0)4 (3)
Odean.Smith4 (0)4 (3)4 (1)
Ashmead.Nedd1 (0)DNPDNP
Shoaib.Malik-1 (0)-
Gudakesh.MotieDNP1 (0)4 (1)
Kevin.SinclairDNPDNP2 (0)