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Zimbabwe Tour of Scotland & BYJU’s Bengal T20 Challenge – Live Predictions

GamePlan Today will be predicting

  1. Scotland vs Zimbabwe 3rd T20
  2. Barrackpore Bashers vs Kolkata Heroes

The first match is the Zimbabwe Tour of Scotland, in which Scotland and Zimbabwe will be locking horns against each other. This will be the 3rd T20.

The next match will be matched 26 between Barrackpore Bashers and Kolkata Heroes.

Scotland vs Zimbabwe Match Details

Scotland and Zimbabwe will be playing the third T20 International match of the tour.

Date: 19th September 2021

Day: Sunday

Time: 06.30 PM IST

The venue is the Grange Cricket Club of Edinburgh.

ZIM won the 2nd T20 International match between ZIM & SCO. ZIM beat SCO by ten runs. ZIM scored 136/5, whereas SCO was at 126/10.

SCO won the 1st T20 International match between ZIM & SCO. SCO beat ZIM by seven runs. SCO scored 141/6, whereas ZIM scored 134/9.

The key predicted players to pick in the SCO team are

  • Richard Berrington
  • Safyaan Sharif
  • Matthew Cross

Richard Berrington is one of the fastest run scorers who has scored 124 runs. His strike rate is 119.

Safyaan Sharif is SCO’s best bowler who has dismissed four wickets.

Matthew Cross is also SCO’s run-scorer who had hit 56 runs holding the strike rate of 105.

The key players in the ZIM team are

  • Sean Williams
  • Jongwe
  • Craig Ervine

Sean Williams is the ZIM team’s top run-scorers possessing 88 runs with a strike rate of 110.

Jongwe is ZIM’s best bowler, who had dismissed three wickets at a 17 economy rate.

Craig Ervine is yet another top scorer for the ZIM team. He had hit around 88 runs with a strike rate of 88.

Scotland vs Zimbabwe Pitch Report

GamePlan today analyses that it will not be a happy hunting venue for the chasing team. It remains to be a good wicket for initial batting. Any score over 150 runs will be a defendable one.

Scotland Player Stats

Scotlandvs Zimbabwe on 15th Septembervs Zimbabwe on 17th September
BattingRuns (Down)Runs (Down)
George.Munsey1 (Opener)9 (Opener)
Kyle.Coetzer2 (Opener)2 (Opener)
Ollie.Hairs5 (1 down)0 (1 down)
Richie.Berrington82 (2 down)42 (2 down)
Calum.MacLeod6 (3 down)0 (3 down)
Matthew.Cross14 (4 down)42 (4 down)
Michael.Leask11 (5 down)25 (5 down)
Safyaan.Sharif9 (6 down)2 (6 down)
Chris.Sole- (7 down)DNP
Mark.Watt- (8 down)0 (7 down)
Alasdair.Evans- (9 down)1 (8 down)
Gavin.MainDNP0 (9 down)
Bowling Stats
Safyaan.Sharif4 (4)4 (0)
Alasdair.Evans4 (1)4 (1)
Chris.Sole4 (1)DNP
Mark.Watt2 (1)3 (1)
Michael.Leask4 (0)4 (1)
Ollie.Hairs2 (1)-
Gavin.MainDNP3 (1)
Calum.MacLeod-1 (0)
Richie.Berrington-1 (0)

Zimbabwe Player Stats

Zimbabwevs Scotland on 15th Septembervs Scotland on 15th September
BattingRuns (Down)Runs (Down)
Wesley.Madhevere0 (Opener)0 (2 down)
Regis.Chakabva17 (Opener)8 (Opener)
Tadiwanashe.Marumani3 (1 down)DNP
Craig.Ervine26 (2 down)30 (1 down)
Sean.Williams28 (3 down)60 (3 down)
Milton.Shumba45 (4 down)1 (4 down)
Ryan.Burl1 (5 down)13 (5 down)
Luke.Jongwe2 (6 down)- (6 down)
Wellington.Masakadza1 (7 down)- (7 down)
Tendai.Chatara0 (8 down)- (8 down)
Richard.Ngarava0 (9 down)- (9 down)
Innocent.KaiaDNP7 (Opener)
Bowling Stats
Wellington.Masakadza2 (1)3.4 (2)
Tendai.Chatara4 (2)4 (2)
Richard.Ngarava4 (1)4 (2)
Luke.Jongwe4 (2)4 (1)
Ryan.Burl3 (0)1 (0)
Sean.Williams2 (0)3 (1)
Wesley.Madhevere1 (0)-

GamePlan’s analogy predicts based on the current form of both SCO and ZIM teams. It says that SCO has got a massive chance of beating ZIM in this 3rd match.

BB vs KH Match Details

The Barrackpore Bashers will be battling against the Kolkata Heroes. It will be matched 26 of the 2021 BYJU’s Bengal T20 Challenge.

Date: 19th September 2021                   

Day: Sunday

Time: 07.00 PM IST

The venue is expected to be Kolkata’s Eden Garden.

BB is now in the third spot with three wins and 16 points out of 8 matches. But, unfortunately, they had three losses as well. The BB had won their last game against KB (Kharagpur Blasters) by 34 runs.

KH is settling in fourth place with three wins and 14 points out of their eight matches. But, unfortunately, they own three losses as well. KH had lost their last game against DD (Durgapur Dazzlers) by five wickets.

The critical picks for BB shall be

  • Ankur Pal is the highest run-scorer who had hit 19 runs. His strike rate is 118
  • Pradipta Pramanik is BB’s wicketkeeper who picked up to 3 wickets
  • Sudip Chatterjee is yet another leading run-scorer with 54 runs and a strike rate of 128

The crucial choice for the KH team shall be

  • Karan Lal is KH’s leading batsman with 17 runs and an 89 strike rate
  • Artira Chaterjee is the top wicketkeeper who has dismissed up to 4 wickets
  • Sougata Dutta batsman had 40 runs with a 153 strike rate

BB vs KH Pitch Report

GamePlan Today’s analogy predicts that the pitch will be going well for the batting team. However, spinners shall expect an upper hand. 

BB Player Stats

Barrackpore Bashersvs Khargapur Blasters on 11th September vs kanchenjunga-warriors on 16th Septembervs kharagpur-blasters on 17th September
Ankur.Pal35 (Opener)37 (Opener)19 (Opener)
Sudip.Chatterjee71 (Opener)78 (Opener)54 (Opener)
Kaif.Ahmed14 (1 down)- (2 down)5 (2 down)
Shreyan.Ghosh15 (2 down)2 (1 down)19 (1 down)
Vikash.Singh9 (3 down)- (5 down)3 (5 down)
Koushik.Giri8 (4 down)- (3 down)6 (3 down)
Sourav.Mondal- (5 down)DNPDNP
Durgesh.Dubbey- (6 down)- (8 down)- (8 down)
Sujit.Kumar.Yadav- (7 down)- (7 down)- (7 down)
Ankit.Mishra- (8 down)DNPDNP
Abhishek.Tamang- (9 down)DNPDNP
Shuvam.DeyDNP- (4 down)32 (4 down)
Mukesh.KumarDNP- (6 down)- (6 down)
Manik.SirohiDNP- (9 down)- (9 down)
Bowling Stats
Durgesh.Dubbey3 (1)4 (0)4 (1)
Sourav.Mondal3 (2)DNPDNP
Vikash.Singh3 (1)4 (3)4 (1)
Sujit.Kumar.Yadav4 (3)4 (2)4 (2)
Ankit.Mishra2 (0)DNPDNP
Abhishek.Tamang1 (0)DNPDNP
Mukesh.KumarDNP3.3 (4)3.2 (4)
Manik.SirohiDNP4 (1)4 (1)

KH Player Stats

Kolkata Heroesvs durgapur-dazzlers on 12th Septembervs krishnanagar-challengers on 15th Septembervs durgapur-dazzlers on 16th September
Arnab.Sikdar5 (Opener)DNPDNP
Karan.Lal25 (Opener)19 (Opener)17 (Opener)
Ritwik.Roy.Chowdhury0 (1 down)28 (1 down)3 (1 down)
Ranjot.Singh.Khaira11 (2 down)29 (2 down)0 (2 down)
Suvankar.Bal1 (3 down)3 (3 down)4 (4 down)
Arin.Roy6 (4 down)- (5 down)8 (3 down)
Kaushik.Maity5 (5 down)- (6 down)15 (6 down)
Sachin.Singh.Bisen6 (6 down)DNPDNP
Geet.Puri6 (7 down)- (8 down)0 (7 down)
Ramesh.Prasad1 (8 down)- (4 down)0 (8 down)
Alok.Pratap.Singh- (9 down)- (7 down)- (9 down)
Aamir.GaniDNP50 (Opener)5 (Opener)
Sougata.DuttaDNP- (9 down)40 (5 down)
Bowling Stats
Alok.Pratap.Singh2 (3)2 (0)3 (1)
Ramesh.Prasad3 (0)3.4 (4)2 (0)
Karan.Lal2 (2)4 (1)3 (0)
Kaushik.Maity2 (1)3 (1)2 (1)
Geet.Puri2 (3)2 (2)2 (0)
Aamir.GaniDNP4 (2)4 (1)
Sougata.DuttaDNP1 (0)-

GamePlan Today expects a balanced opportunity for both BB and KH to score better this time. But, we hope BB win this match.