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The England Women’s ODD 2021 – Live Predictions

GamePlan Today will discuss

  1. Northern Diamonds vs Western Storms
  2. South East Stars vs Lightning

One match is between Northern Diamonds & Western Storm, and another will be the match between South East Stars and Lightning. Both games will come under the 2021 England Women’s ODD.

So, coming to the first match, which is  

NOD vs WS Match Details

The Northern Diamonds and Western Storm will be locking horns against each other. It will be the Match 17 of 2021 Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy.

Date: 10th September 2021

Day: Friday

Time: 03.30 PM IST

The venue is the Riverside Ground of Chester-Le-Street.

The North Indian Diamonds is ranking at the top in the points table as usual. They have three wins besides one loss from their four matches. The NOD now possesses 12 points.

The Western Storm is now at the seventh spot in the points table. They have got one win and three losses as well out of their four matches. So they own four points right now.

The key options to pick in the NOD team will

  • L Dobson
  • Bess Heath
  • JL Gunnis

These three players are considered more potent for the NOD team. L Dobson is the top-order batsman who possesses the highest strike rate and good score.

Bess Heath is again another batsman with a decent strike rate and good runs. Finally, JL Gunnis is the best bowler with perfect dismissal numbers.

The key players in the WS team are

  • N Wraith
  • G Hennessy
  • D Gibson

N Wraith is a right-handed batsman and all-rounder with the best records in her career. G Hennessy is the right-handed fast arm bowler who has dismissed quite a lot of wickets. D Gibson is a right-handed batsman and bowling all-rounder who is talented in everything.

NOD vs WS Pitch Report

GamePlan Today suggests the pitch at the ground will be helping the batsman in initial overs. The pacers will get more chances in the middle overs.

NOD Player Stats

Northern Diamondsvs Lightning on 31st Mayvs Sunrisers on 5th Junevs South East Stars on 12th June
Lauren.Winfield2 (Opener)7 (Opener)DNP
Hollie.Armitage12 (Opener)14 (Opener)21 (Opener)
Natalie.Sciver10 (1 down)9 (1 down)DNP
Sterre.Kalis7 (2 down)- (2 down)76 (1 down)
Katherine.Brunt1 (3 down)- (3 down)DNP
Ami.Campbell9 (4 down)- (4 down)0 (3 down)
Jenny.Gunn40 (5 down)- (5 down)50 (5 down)
Alex.MacDonald39 (6 down)- (6 down)5 (2 down)
Beth.Langston11 (7 down)- (7 down)59 (6 down)
Helen.Fenby2 (8 down)DNPDNP
Katie.Levick3 (9 down)- (9 down)- (8 down)
Linsey.SmithDNP- (8 down)7 (7 down)
Rachel.HopkinsDNPDNP12 (Opener)
Sarah.TaylorDNPDNP2 (4 down)
Phoebe.GrahamDNPDNP- (9 down)
Bowling Stats
Katherine.Brunt10 (4)8 (3)DNP
Beth.Langston8.1 (2)5 (2)10 (1)
Natalie.Sciver10 (2)5 (0)DNP
Katie.Levick10 (2)0.1 (1)7 (1)
Jenny.Gunn9 (0)6 (3)9 (2)
Hollie.Armitage1 (0)-3 (0)
Linsey.SmithDNP5 (1)10 (1)
Phoebe.GrahamDNPDNP8 (1)
Alex.MacDonald--3 (0)

WS Player Stats

Western Stormvs Central Sparks on 31st Mayvs South East Stars on 5th Junevs Southern Vipers on 12th June
Lauren.Parfitt91 (Opener)9 (3 down)10 (Opener)
Heather.Knight59 (Opener)73 (Opener)DNP
Sophie.Luff27 (1 down)55 (1 down)8 (1 down)
Georgia.Hennessy4 (2 down)8 (2 down)11 (2 down)
Natasha.Wraith2 (3 down)21 (4 down)21 (4 down)
Fi.Morris21 (4 down)6 (Opener)32 (Opener)
Danielle.Gibson18 (5 down)12 (5 down)16 (5 down)
Anya.Shrubsole13 (6 down)27 (6 down)DNP
Nicole.Harvey5 (7 down)5 (7 down)0 (6 down)
Mollie.Robbins1 (8 down)2 (8 down)6 (8 down)
Lauren.Filer0 (9 down)- (9 down)5 (9 down)
Katie.GeorgeDNPDNP37 (3 down)
Emma.CorneyDNPDNP7 (7 down)
Bowling Stats
Lauren.Filer6 (2)7.1 (1)5.5 (1)
Anya.Shrubsole10 (1)9 (0)DNP
Georgia.Hennessy9 (0)7 (1)7 (0)
Danielle.Gibson8 (0)2 (0)4 (0)
Fi.Morris9 (2)7 (0)6 (1)
Mollie.Robbins3 (0)-4 (0)
Heather.Knight5 (1)4 (0)DNP
Nicole.Harvey-7 (2)6 (0)
Sophie.Luff-DNP2 (0)

GamePlan’s analogy predicts that NOD to win the match. It is because they are showing consistent performance. They are leading the points table as well.

SES vs LIG Match Details

The South East Stars vs Lighting will be happening. It will be matched 18 of this 2021 Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy.

Date: 10th September 2021                   

Day: Friday

Time: 03.30 PM IST

The venue is expected to be St. Lawrence Ground of Canterbury.

South East Star settles in 5th position with two wins and two losses out of their four matches in this series. Thus, the SES team has got 8 points.

LIG is standing in the points table’s 4th place right now. They have got two wins out of their four matches besides two losses. Therefore, the team holds 8 points.

The critical picks for South-East Stars will be

  • A Cranstone
  • B Smith
  • A Capsey
  • AD Richards

The crucial choice for the LIG team shall be

  • A Freeborn
  • Y Graves
  • K Gordon
  • S Munro

SES vs LIG Pitch Report

GamePlan Today’s analogy suggests that the surface seems too good for batting. We predict to witness a lot of runs with more boundaries this time. It will be an easy to score match for batters. 

SES Player Stats

South East Starsvs Southern Vipers on May 31vs Western Storm on 5th Junevs Northern Diamonds on 12th June
BattingRuns (Down)Runs (Down)Runs (Down)
Bryony.Smith41 (Opener)21 (Opener)31 (Opener)
Alice.Davidson-Richards0 (Opener)92 (Opener)14 (Opener)
Sophia.Dunkley0 (1 down)92 (1 down)DNP
Alice.Capsey1 (2 down)7 (2 down)21 (3 down)
Grace.Gibbs29 (3 down)- (7 down)1 (5 down)
Aylish.Cranstone31 (4 down)0 (4 down)42 (4 down)
Kirstie.White12 (5 down)19 (3 down)73 (2 down)
Tash.Farrant3 (6 down)- (6 down)DNP
Rhianna.Southby4 (7 down)- (5 down)DNP
Freya.Davies7 (8 down)- (8 down)- (8 down)
Danielle.Gregory1 (9 down)- (9 down)- (9 down)
Chloe.BrewerDNPDNP25 (1 down)
Phoebe.FranklinDNPDNP28 (6 down)
Kira.ChathliDNPDNP- (7 down)
Bowling Stats
Tash.Farrant8.4 (0)10 (4)DNP
Freya.Davies6 (1)10 (1)9.2 (1)
Bryony.Smith4 (2)10 (1)10 (1)
Danielle.Gregory5 (0)7 (1)10 (2)
Alice.Capsey2 (0)-3 (0)
Alice.Davidson-Richards2 (0)4 (0)7 (0)
Grace.Gibbs1 (0)9 (1)8 (2)
Phoebe.FranklinDNPDNP2 (0)

LIG Player Stats

Lightningvs Northern Diamonds on 31 Mayvs Thunder on June 6vs Sunrisers on 12th June
BattingRuns (Down)Runs (Down)Runs (Down)
Sarah.Bryce0 (Opener)24 (Opener)16 (Opener)
Tammy.Beaumont21 (Opener)89 (Opener)DNP
Kathryn.Bryce1 (1 down)74 (1 down)12 (1 down)
Abigail.Freeborn20 (2 down)0 (2 down)44 (2 down)
Lucy.Higham1 (3 down)19 (5 down)26 (3 down)
Michaela.Kirk14 (4 down)- (9 down)57 (Opener)
Shachi.Pai9 (5 down)DNP- (6 down)
Teresa.Graves14 (6 down)31 (4 down)5 (5 down)
Yvonne.Graves19 (7 down)DNP- (7 down)
Kirstie.Gordon19 (8 down)- (6 down)- (9 down)
Sophie.Munro0 (9 down)- (7 down)- (8 down)
Sonia.OdedraDNP5 (3 down)24 (4 down)
Nancy.HarmanDNP- (8 down)DNP
Bowling Stats
Kathryn.Bryce8 (4)7 (0)10 (1)
Sophie.Munro7 (1)6.2 (1)7 (2)
Kirstie.Gordon10 (0)10 (4)10 (1)
Teresa.Graves7 (2)5 (2)10 (4)
Lucy.Higham7.5 (2)7 (3)7 (0)
Yvonne.Graves6 (1)DNP6 (1)
Nancy.HarmanDNP4 (0)DNP

GamePlan Today expects an equal opportunity for both the teams to score better this time.

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