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The English Women’s Regional Twenty20 & Hero CPL T20 – Live Predictions

GamePlan Today will discuss

Northern Diamonds vs Southern Vipers

Tribago Knight Riders vs Jamaica Tallwahs

One will be the match English Women’s Regional Twenty20 competition between the Northern Diamonds & Southern Vipers. Another will be the match between Trinbago Knight Riders & Jamaica Tallawahs.

NOD vs SV Match Details

The English Women’s Regional Twenty20 competition between NOR & SV will be a Semi-Final match.

Date: 5th September 2021

Day: Sunday

Time: 04.30 PM IST

The venue is the Ageas Bowl of England.

The North Indian Diamonds are spotted at the top in Group B points table. They hold four wins besides two losses from six matches. The team now owns 17 points.

The Southern Vipers are now at the second spot in the Group A points table. They hold four wins and two losses as well out of their six matches. They own 19 points.

The key players in the NOD team are L Dobson, JL Gunnis and Bess Heath.

L Dobson is the top batman for the NOD team. He had scored 99 runs with a strike rate of 82. JL Gunnis is NOD’s bowler who had dismissed nine wickets. His economic rate is 3.4. Bess Heath of NOD is the batsman with 72 runs and a 130 strike rate.

The key players in the SV team are TG Norris, GL Adams and ME Bouchier.

TG Norris is SV’s bowler who had dismissed 13 wickets with an economy rate of 6.5. GL Adams is the top order batsmen with 201 runs and a 124 strike rate. ME Bouchier of SV has scored 104 runs with a 98 strike rate.

NOD vs SV Pitch Report

GamePlan Today says that the pitch will be a good batting surface favouring batters. It will help pacers as the match progress.

NOD Player Stats

Northern Diamondsvs Sunrisers on 25th Augustvs Western Storm on August 28vs Thunder on August 30
BattingRuns (Down)Runs (Down)Runs (Down)
Hollie.Armitage6 (Opener)5 (2 down)7 (2 down)
Leah.Dobson13 (Opener)2 (Opener)20 (Opener)
Bess.Heath0 (1 down)14 (Opener)58 (Opener)
Sterre.Kalis4 (2 down)12 (1 down)- (3 down)
Jenny.Gunn2 (3 down)18 (3 down)- (4 down)
Linsey.Smith30 (4 down)7 (4 down)- (9 down)
Beth.Langston46 (5 down)DNPDNP
Rachel.Hopkins4 (6 down)3 (5 down)- (5 down)
Alex.MacDonald- (7 down)22 (6 down)- (6 down)
Phoebe.Graham- (8 down)DNPDNP
Katie.Levick- (9 down)6 (8 down)- (8 down)
Rachel.SlaterDNP5 (7 down)- (7 down)
Ella.TelfordDNP1 (9 down)DNP
Lauren.WinfieldDNPDNP5 (1 down)
Bowling Stats
Linsey.Smith4 (0)4 (2)4 (2)
Beth.Langston2 (2)DNPDNP
Phoebe.Graham1 (0)DNPDNP
Jenny.Gunn3 (0)3.3 (0)4 (4)
Katie.Levick2 (1)4 (1)4 (1)
Alex.MacDonald4 (2)4 (0)4 (0)
Hollie.Armitage4 (2)1 (1)-
Rachel.SlaterDNP3 (2)4 (2)

SV Player Stats

Southern Vipersvs Central Sparks on August 25vs South East Stars on August 28vs Lightning on August 30
BattingRuns (Down)Runs (Down)Runs (Down)
Georgia.Adams88 (Opener)8 (Opener)16 (Opener)
Maia.Bouchier13 (Opener)DNPDNP
Georgia.Elwiss11 (1 down)45 (1 down)20 (1 down)
Charlie.Dean31 (2 down)DNPDNP
Paige.Scholfield1 (3 down)3 (2 down)41 (2 down)
Emily.Windsor6 (4 down)13 (3 down)7 (3 down)
Carla.Rudd- (5 down)5 (4 down)- (4 down)
Ella.McCaughan- (6 down)DNPDNP
Tara.Norris- (7 down)4 (Opener)17 (Opener)
Charlotte.Taylor- (8 down)- (9 down)- (7 down)
Lauren.Bell- (9 down)DNP- (8 down)
Ella.ChandlerDNP23 (5 down)- (5 down)
Alice.MonaghanDNP30 (6 down)- (9 down)
Sophie.MitchelmoreDNP4 (7 down)- (6 down)
Chiara.GreenDNP- (8 down)DNP
Bowling Stats
Charlotte.Taylor4 (2)4 (0)4 (1)
Lauren.Bell4 (0)DNP4 (2)
Tara.Norris4 (1)3 (1)4 (3)
Charlie.Dean4 (1)DNPDNP
Georgia.Elwiss3 (0)4 (0)4 (3)
Chiara.GreenDNP3 (1)DNP
Paige.Scholfield-4 (0)4 (0)
Georgia.Adams-2 (1)-

GamePlan’s analogy predicts that both NOD and SV team has got equal chances to win, i.e. 50:50. Therefore, we hope for a nail-biting match.

TKR vs JAM Match Details

The TRK team will be locking horns against the JAM team. It will be the 18th match of this Hero CPL T20 2021.

Date: 6th September 2021                     

Day: Monday

Time: 12.00 AM IST

The venue is Warner Park, Basseterre of West Indies.

TRK settles in 4th position with two wins and four losses out of their five matches in this league. Thus, the team has got 4 points.

JAM now stands in the points table’s 3rd spot. They own two wins out of their four matches. Therefore, the team holds 4 points.

The critical players for Trinbago Knight Riders are

  • Isuru Udana
  • Ravi Rampaul and
  • Lendl Simmons

The key players for the Jamaica Tallawahs team are

  • Carlos Brathwaite
  • Haider Ali and
  • Fidel Edwards

TKR vs JAM Pitch Report

GamePlan Today’s analogy predicts that the West Indies pitch will provide fresh runs for batters and wickets for spinners in initial overs.  

TKR Player Stats

Tribago Knight Ridersvs Saint Lucia Kings on August 29st Lucia Zouks on August 31vs Guyana Amazon Warriors on Sept 01
Lendl.Simmons25 (Opener)11 (Opener)0 (Opener)
Tion.Webster18 (Opener)14 (1 down)19 (1 down)
Colin.Munro40 (1 down)1 (3 down)32 (2 down)
Kieron.Pollard9 (2 down)41 (2 down)13 (4 down)
Tim.Seifert40 (3 down)37 (4 down)4 (3 down)
Denesh.Ramdin- (4 down)8 (6 down)5 (5 down)
Sunil.Narine- (5 down)24 (Opener)21 (Opener)
Isuru.Udana- (6 down)- (7 down)21 (6 down)
Ravi.Rampaul- (7 down)- (8 down)5 (9 down)
Jayden.Seales- (8 down)- (9 down)DNP
Akeal.Hosein- (9 down)0 (5 down)9 (7 down)
Khary.PierreDNPDNP0 (8 down)
Bowling Stats
Jayden.Seales4 (1)3 (0)DNP
Akeal.Hosein4 (1)4 (1)4 (1)
Sunil.Narine4 (0)4 (1)4 (2)
Isuru.Udana4 (0)4 (2)3 (0)
Ravi.Rampaul4 (3)4 (3)4 (4)
Kieron.Pollard-1 (0)1 (0)
Khary.PierreDNPDNP4 (1)

JAM Player Stats

Jamaica Talliwahsvs Saint Lucia Kings on August 27vs Barbados Tridents on August 29vs St Kitts & Nevis Patriots on 2nd Sept
Chadwick.Walton47 (Opener)3 (Opener)26 (Opener)
Kennar.Lewis48 (Opener)10 (Opener)13 (Opener)
Haider.Ali45 (1 down)7 (1 down)8 (1 down)
Rovman.Powell38 (2 down)9 (2 down)24 (2 down)
Andre.Russell50 (3 down)0 (5 down)5 (5 down)
Carlos.Brathwaite0 (4 down)29 (4 down)27 (4 down)
Migael.Pretorius2 (5 down)15 (6 down)15 (6 down)
Shamarh.Brooks- (6 down)47 (3 down)14 (3 down)
Imran.Khan- (7 down)0 (9 down)DNP
Veerasammy.Permaul- (8 down)2 (8 down)DNP
Chris.Green- (9 down)9 (7 down)6 (7 down)
Joshua.JamesDNPDNP3 (8 down)
Fidel.EdwardsDNPDNP2 (9 down)
Bowling Stats
Migael.Pretorius4 (4)4 (1)4 (1)
Chris.Green3 (1)3 (0)4 (0)
Andre.Russell3 (1)4 (1)3 (1)
Veerasammy.Permaul3 (0)4 (2)DNP
Rovman.Powell2 (0)3 (1)3 (1)
Imran.Khan2.3 (3)2 (0)DNP
Fidel.EdwardsDNPDNP3.4 (1)

GamePlan Today expects a 60% winning chance for TKR and a 40% winning probability for the JAM team.

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