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Welcome to the World’s Strongest Man Series of GamePlan Today. So, yeah! Here we will see the first-ever WSM appearance of Mariusz Pudzianowski.

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  1. Who is Mariusz Pudzianowski?
  2. Mariusz words after winning
  3. Live Predictions
  4. Summing Up

Who is Mariusz Pudzianowski?

Mariusz Pudzianowski is a former professional boxer in his first big intense man event.

A severe test of strength and stamina for Adrian Rollinson from Dudley in the west midlands, his first-ever world most substantial man competition.

Mariusz Pudzianowski was one of the heaviest men there. He weighs over 155 kilos, a very tall figure. He was another first-timer in the lane.

Pudzianowski is a shade over six feet tall but 20 stones of solid muscle but falling behind on that flip. He finished in second.

Mariusz words after winning:

He said, “It’s good to be in second place. Well! We could be struggling for some in-depth analysis here from the two leaders. But, I am pleased about the competition so far. Yes, okay! Sun city is beautiful. It’s easy. Yes! Very good, okay.”

Pudzianowski had to lift twice, and he’s on the move again. Unfortunately, he doesn’t understand what Dougie Edmunds is saying to him. That was a big problem; he’s had the bar above his head seven times.

We came to the two most minor men in the most vital man final this year.

Rob Dixon from York Mariusz Pudzianowski of Poland. They both weigh less than 20 stones. When you consider some of the monsters taking part in this competition, that may well be a disadvantage, but they’re two immense muscle men.

No doubt that Pudzianowski was the fastest man in the heat at 28 seconds. But that time, he was beaten by Martin.

Pudzianowski was struggling a little bit to get that car up over a ton. This car weighs 1400 kilograms in 70 seconds. Also, the target wonders if either of these guys can get amongst them looking pretty composed.

Pudzianowski was just superb with one victory in the final so far. This is the very first world most decisive man final. He’s swaying around a lot. We have got to keep it a straight line, he’s growling at himself. There are about six meters to go before the line.

Live Predictions:

Can he make a move on Carlson’s timer 54-7 fister? Still in the lead, it’s just ahead of Carlson. Oh, only just 0.7 of a second still two very good men to go, Samuelson but Pudzianowski in second place for the time being in third place overall before this event. That certainly was an excellent performance.

Behind the overall leader at the moment, Pudzianowski is only six points behind. So despite the fact, there are two events to go, anything can still happen five fingers.

The target of both men throwing that first one up only weighs 200 kilograms. A fraction behind this is very fast from the Pudzianowski will be one of the great competitors of the future.

Summing Up

In this series of GamePlan Today Talks, we hope you might have enjoyed knowing about one of the World’s Strongest Men.

Mariusz Pudzianowski has made his first appearance in this competition. It was a splendid scene for us all to witness this competition.

Soon we will meet you up with yet another new and exciting series with more exciting facts. Stay tuned with the upcoming blogs of GamePlan Today Talks.

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