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GamePlan Today Talks love to meet you all in yet another Extreme E episode. The blog is for sharing the Semi-Finals experience.

Here you will hear a few words from the Veloce Racing drivers who will be sharing their experiences.

GamePlan Today Talks – A Sneak Peek

  1. Greenland
  2. Jamie Chadwick Words
  3. Emma Gilmour Words
  4. Extreme E Race


On the west coast of the world’s largest island is Greenland. This stunning, brutal, and primarily uninhabitable place is changing at a speed that is hard to comprehend.

The extreme, accessible scientific committee led to undertaking scientific research to gain more knowledge about what effects we’re having on this complex environment. First, it was on the ice sheet to better understand why the rate of ice melt is increasing.

Leaving a positive environmental legacy in each race location, a vital goal of the Extreme E championship is to promote gender equality in motorsport.

Before the Arctic Extreme, the Veloce racing team, alongside the FIA, organized unique girls on track event to help encourage more girls to get involved in motorsports.

Jamie Chadwick Words:

Jamie Chadwick is a driver, Veloce Racing.

Her words were, “So today we’re down in London. We’re at a new cartoon facility that’s just opened. Yeah! We’re here for the girls on track event with Veloce, which is basically about all inspiring. You know more girls are likely to get involved in the sport. We have got a few different stations and activities set up for everyone. Today I think about 20-25 young girls are going to come down. So yeah, hopefully, have a fun day out.”

Hopefully, this is an excellent first step to make the accessibility to our sport better. After that, more and more people are hopefully going to experience go-karting.

Also, at the event, Kiwi Rally Racer Emma Gilmour stood in for Jamie as Veloce’s reserve driver for the Greenland race.

Emma Gilmour Words:

Emma Gilmour is a Veloce Racing driver.

Her words were, “Really excited trying to keep my expectations in check, you know I’m learning the car, I’m learning the team. So there’s a lot to take on the weekend. But uh! You know I’m confident that Stefan and I can have a good weekend and velocity and us. We can have a good result.”

Before seeing how Emma got on in her Extreme E debut, let’s see how the racing works.

Extreme E Race:

An Extreme E-race consists of two laps; the male and female driver must complete one lap each. Each team has two hyperdrive power boosts. They can activate on lap one & lap two of the race.

The quickest or fastest team that goes fastest through the supersector throughout an Extreme will collect further five-team championship points.

Day two starts with the semi-final, with the top two teams from each semi progressing to the final. Then, the bottom three teams from day one’s qualifying go head to head in the crazy race, with the winner taking the last remaining place in the final.

The two fastest teams from the semifinals, one & two and the winner of this crazy race battle it out in the 5-car final.

The team that crosses the line at first will win and claims 25 championship points. All five-count towards the team’s championship.

In the driver’s championship, competitors can drop their worst results of the season. So who has what it takes to lift the trophy?

With the updated racing format for the semi-final, we will meet you all again in the next series. Stay tuned with GamePlan Today Talks to know the results.