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Sometimes, peeping into all possible corners of the sports world will make us discover and explore the unheard.

Yeah! Today we will be discussing the Extreme E league and the racing event.

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  1. What is Extreme E?
  2. Arctic X Prix
  3. Purpose of the Awareness
  4. Issues Faced
  5. Extreme E Championship
  6. Race Model

Well, What is Extreme E?

Extreme E is one professional sports league. It has been pioneered in electric racing in some of the world’s most remote locations. Extreme E is now gearing up to hold its inaugural motorsport event in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland.

Arctic X Prix

Arctic X Prix will be the first and only major racing event. Moreover, it will be happening in the beautiful ice-covered terrains of the Arctic.

Purpose of the Awareness

Extreme E is great for awareness. It aims to highlight the issues climate change poses to humanity globally. It brings the world’s attention to the impact. Having it is essential for our planet. The arctic kids are significant in studying climate change. It is because they are warming up faster than any other part of the world.

Issues Faced

Greenland is an essential piece of the climate change problem. They are eighty percent of the island and are covered by an ice sheet.

Uh! It is vulnerable to warming, and hence we’re losing ice. Unfortunately, we’re also losing sea ice which is a mirror that reflects solar radiation to the atmosphere.

When we lose it, rather than being reflected up, it’s absorbed by the ocean. So it is contributing to warming from 1979 to the present.

Extreme E Championship

The world’s best and finest drivers will join the brand new teams competing in the Extreme E Championship. Each team will possess one female and one male driver. The drivers will compete across the globe, each highlighting a specific environmental issue.

An Extreme E-Race consists of two laps; the male and female driver must complete one lap each. Each team has two hyperdrive power boosts. They can activate on lap one and lap two of the race.

The tactics over the course are that the quickest team that goes fastest through the supersector collects further five-team championship points.

Race Model

Day one will be the qualifying, and it will consist of two qualifying rounds. Every team does two laps against the clock in each round, with both drivers driving a lap each in both games. Again, there are qualifying points up for grabs, which determines how they progress to the day two semi-finals.

There are also championship points to be won. The top team in qualifying bags 12 vital championship points down to the last place qualifying team who walk away with four championship points.

Day two starts with the semi-final. It begins with the top two teams from each semi progressing to the final. Then, the bottom three teams from day one’s qualifying go head-to-head in the crazy race, with the winner taking the last remaining place.

The final grid play allows fans to vote for their favourite teams and drivers. The team that collects the most votes gets the first group position pick for the last, with the second and third teams choosing an order after. But there is a twist: the teams that do not reach the final can still impact as they donate their votes to any team that gets the last.

It can influence who eventually wins the all-important grid play the fastest two teams from semi-final one and two.

The winner of this crazy race will be battling it out in the five-car final. A team that crosses the line first wins the x-pre and claims 25 championship points collect the further championship points in descending order.

All the teen’s championship and in the driver’s championship competitors can drop their worst experience of the season who has what it takes to lift the trophy.

Summing Up

GamePlan Today believes that you have got to know some unheard and exciting stuff. So join us to explore the sports world.