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Welcome to the new zone of GamePlan Today Talks. This blog talks about the Decathlon legend Erki Nool.

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Talon has developed into one of Europe’s most desirable holiday destinations. So it is since Estonia regained independence from the soviet union in 1991.

The country’s sporting development over the last 16 years has also been impressive. But apart from Herkimer’s gold medal in Sydney, its success has primarily been in winter sports like cross-country skiing.

Our squad travelled to Italy recently to look at the state of athletics in Estonia. And to examine the earthquake came in 1998 when Erki Nool was crowned European decathlon champion.

His role in developing the sport at the grassroots level began a year before when he started the female athletic school. Then, with the help of qualified coaches, he offered affordable health and advice to potential athletes.

His successes at the European in Budapest and Sydney saw the popularity of the sport reach new heights. When Erki Nool won the Olympic sport, a sport that was already on the other hand, became even more attractive. And they started to believe that they too could win medals at major championships.

If Erki Nool can do that, a man from small-town can do that with proper coaching. Erki Nool is a loyal family man. His face name and image were used to promote and endorse almost everything. He was so popular.

Using his mass appeal to improve indoor training facilities in Estonia, he convinced the government to donate money. It is to build new centres. Today talon boasts three world-class indoor arenas.

The climate in Estonia means there have been some excellent arenas, and it is a credit to the government. The government’s investment in the facilities and promotion of his sport is beginning to pay dividends

After all, the country’s next generation of athletes includes Marcus and Marek neet. At last year’s world junior championships in Beijing, they helped Estonia win four goals. Marcus won the shot foot and the discus for 200 meters, giving me a tremendous amount of motivation.

Along with his two goals, he set three world junior records. He was rewarded by being named the “Rising star of 2006”. It was primarily because he’s competing against Marcus attempts to transition to the senior ranks he’s decided to concentrate on the discus.

He would struggle to find better training partners. Not only is he working alongside alexander tamer, Estonia’s best discus throwers, but when he visited, he was also training with double Olympic and world champion Lithuania’s one of

He can see himself.  Yes! Turkey news Olympic decathlon gold is one of the few major titles won by Estonian athletes at the major global sport.

However, with athletes like Marcus coming through the system, there are chances for them. Ten years younger starts to shine, getting better all the time.

Hopefully, in the following athletics after the 2004 Athens Olympics today, as well as coaching some of Estonia’s top young athletes, the Olympic victory in Sydney helped to inspire a generation of children to take off athletics

Now their king is hoping that their potential and ambition will succeed at future major international championships.

They can win at least one gold medal at the London Olympics. Then, of course, there’s still a lot of hard work to do, but they are very hopeful.

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