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GamePlan Today welcomes you all to the particular segment where we will be covering women’s cricket.

What is that Section?

Let’s ask Kate Cross – what’s up with women’s cricket? What’s happening with the hundred?

GamePlan Today Talks – An Overview

  1. The Hundred
  2. The Format
  3. How and when does she do as a bowler?
  4. Girls into Games
  5. Cultural Shift
  6. What happened with the globetrotting of women cricketers?

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The Hundred:

Kate Cross says, “The hundred is going incredible. Although, to be honest, I didn’t have a single thought of going into the hundred as we didn’t know what the format would look like.”

She also added that it exceeded her expectations, and she feels like a positive step in women’s cricket.

The Format:

Kate Cross is an England bowler. She says that it is pretty easier to offer advice from the outside.

But the format of the game is something that she always likes to explore. She said that there is a lot more for the bowlers and a tactical side for the captain.

The tactical element of the game has challenged her, it seems.

How and when does she do as a bowler?

As a bowler, bowling ten from outside and operating with two bowlers was the most challenging part for her.

But batters don’t get much time to size up and what bowler will be coming up against.

She loves the fact that the batsman cannot cross over, and the new batters have to be on strike. A lot of these things will give back to the bowler.

Girls into Games:

Kate finds a lot of young girls turning up for the game. They all have us in their shirts. When I was a young one, I remember my role models were men.

She grew up in 2005 with Andrew Flintoff as her hero. He was the one who inspired Kate to play cricket.

Cultural Shift:

A stark difference between cultural shifts in our countries for the girl’s cricket was found by Kate.

She said that it was a fantastic experience playing cricket in India with some tremendous crowds.

She played a game in Assam where she had around 15,000 people watching them play the T20 series. She mentioned that she had never played in front of a crowd like that.

She also highlighted that different parts of the country had different perspectives about the women’s game.

What happened with the globetrotting of women cricketers?

They used to train too much as female cricketers. But, they didn’t get opportunities to play much in international cricket. But, if they did, they might even get 1 or 2 tours.

Compared to the cricket schedule, they are swamped playing a lot of matches. So they practiced everything they want to do next. They were under pressure only while playing in the tournaments.

Hopefully, she said that they would get a bit of interest from Indians.

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