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GamePlan Today’s – A Sports Walk with the Bat

  1. SH Sports Shop and Its History
  2. The Manufacturing Unit
  3. Investment and Purchase
  4. Factors to be Considered While Purchasing the Bat
  5. Customization
  6. Replacement

SH Sports Shop & Its History

SH Sports shop has been located at Avadi, Chennai. It is 4 to 5 years old. It has entered the digital world or online market for the past 2 to 3 years.

They have an academy at Anna Nagar, Chennai, for which the shop was offering bats. Then, they started to spread their wings across districts, states, and countries.

The owner of this shop had played under 17 Cricket at the state level. He had played TNP league as well. He is also a qualified umpire and cricket coach for under 12 & 14. So the owner is a cricket and coach besides owning a sports shop.

The Manufacturing Unit

SH Sport’s manufacturing unit is at Meerut. They include all gear like helmets, batting gloves, thigh guard, and leg guard. Except for shoes, the shop is producing everything.

The shop is very keen on on-time delivery. Besides the SS brand, the shop is an authorized dealer shop for MRF, BDM, Spartan, and MD.

The shop mainly concentrates on SS & MRF as of now.

Investment & Purchase

The investment for this business was not very high. The owner personally went to Delhi and handpicked every single bat. 

They hold a good experience in this cricket field, and hence they have, balance, or test the bat before purchasing them.

The owner directly moved to the MRF manufacturing section in Chennai and spent a whole day choosing the bat.

Factors to be Considered While Purchasing the Bat

The owner of SH Shop mentions the factors that have to be considered while picking or purchasing a bat. They are

  • Weight
  • Size based on Height
  • Balance
  • Grip
  • Hold
  • Quality
  • Bottom Thickness
  • Customer Preference

Certain bat manufacturers will allow the buyers to take and hold every single bat. It made the shop owner comfortable making his bat purchase.

Based on the initial stage or league stage for batters, the SH shop will offer a bat. The bat suggestions are provided purely based on the batter’s profile.


Every batter will have their preference. Like a top-order batter will need a lightweight bat while the middle-ordered batsman need not.

Based on the customer choice, the SH shop will handpick every back concerning their customer preference.

Even the shop owner will provide suggestions for the buyers. It will help them in getting more customer satisfaction.


Based on the intensity of damage, they prefer replacing. Therefore, the shop will leave a mail to the bat brands. If the bat brands agree to a replacement, the shop will proceed further. Else, the shop tries replacing at their own cost since they value their customer the most.

If the brand doesn’t accept, the shop will give a new bat to their customers. In case of small minor changes, the SH shop can get them ready for their customers.

To date, there have been zero issues with the bat’s handle. Even if the issue arises, the shop is ready to set them right.

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