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We all are aware of our Cricket Arena. The spin department is one of the most crucial departments in which most of the youngsters are looking forward to many opportunities.

There are some creative skills in spin bowling that make the batsmen struggle while playing. In this blog, GamePlan Today will introduce some great spinners who have proven their capacities.

Every off-spinner will try to do a magical delivery that might give the problematic balls to play. The delivery is named “Carrom Ball Delivery”.

What is Carrom Ball in Cricket?

Carrom Ball is one of the bowling delivery in cricket. It is so-called since it was driven from the Carrom Snooker game or Billiards in which ball is replaced by Round Discs like draughts.

Cricketers all over the world had failed many times since it is one tough aspect to master.

How Carrom Ball can be practiced?

The ball must be held by using the middle finger, thumb, & bent middle finger. The ball upon release will be flicked forwards by that bent middle finger driving the ball straight or giving a spin either way.

The Evolution of Carrom Ball in Cricket

Now, GamePlan Today will tell you all who discovered the Carrom Ball Delivery in cricket and who reinvented it.

Few sources believe that this kind of bowling delivery was in practice in the early 1940s. The Australian Spin Bowlers John Gleeson & Jack Iverson used that during the 1950s & 1960s.

Best Carrom Ball Spinners in Cricket

Ajantha Mendis

The Sri Lankan bowler Ajantha Mendis in 2008 made a nightmare for batsmen by introducing the Carrom Ball in cricket. He was one of the prime spinners who stunned batsmen with the carrom ball & deceived them with leg breaks.

He created a history in the cricket world to shout his name. In the Asia Cup finals, he outclassed the Indian squad using this delivery to bring the Asia trophy into the Sri Lankan pocket.   

He took 70 wickets in 19 tests, 152 dismissals in 87 ODIs & 66 wickets in 39 ICC T20. Ajantha Mendis earned himself a tag after that as ‘Mystery Spinner’ for some time. He was one complete package.  

Ravichandran Ashwin

Following Ajantha’s footsteps, Indian Spinner Ravichandran Ashwin used this style of spin bowling delivery in cricket to get exceptional results.

He took 362 wickets in his 70 tests. He is a part of the Indian cricket squad for the last two-test series against New Zealand in 2021.

Ravichandran Ashwin has revealed that he learned and practiced the carrom ball technique that brought India many wins.

At first, he used to play a tennis ball game where he found the guy who taught him to bowl with proper action and beautiful drift. He added that his name is SK from whom Ashwin learned that ball.

Ashwin is now considered one of the finest exponents of carrom ball. The delivery bowled by him by rotating his ring finger around the seam off-ball without bending the arm to impart spin away from the right-hander.

Sunil Narine  

The West Indies Spinner Sunil Narine got into the frame by showing his remarkable performance of picking 112 wickets in 98 matches.

This spinner has taken carrom ball delivery to another level by spinning both sides of a pitch.  

Final Words

This article of GamePlan Today turns to be beneficial for all cricket lovers by providing the best information.