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Have you ever heard of bat mechanics? That too localised? If not, join us to know in-depth about that.

Welcome to GamePlan Today Talks! Today we will be talking about a cricketer who had turned into bat mechanics.

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  1. Who is that Bat Mechanic?
  2. How does Surya make money?
  3. How did Surya start to do this profession?
  4. His Journey
  5. Equipment for Bat
  6. The Pricing Strategy
  7. His Customers and Feedback

Who is that Bat Mechanic?

Yeah! It’s a bat mechanic named Surya. He is a teenager who has completed his Master’s in Business Administration.

How does Surya make money?

Surya has been doing this profession part-time since 2016. He is making money out of cricket and reinvests it into cricket again.

His family members were carpenters. So, it was easy for him to start this profession using the materials like clams, bats, gum or glues.

How did Surya start to do this profession?

At first, Surya started to do service for his bat. Then, he began to do it for his friends. Finally, it was just for some urgent help he started doing this.

When you enter a good shop for servicing your bat, they will take up to 7 days. But, this bat mechanic will deliver you with your bat within 2 or 1 and half days.

The cost they charge in the bat shop will be high. But, here they charge some affordable price.

Sometimes, he had serviced the bat for free if people couldn’t afford that.

The reason people reach this bat mechanic’s shop is because the bat can be serviced within a short period.

His Journey

At first, the bat mechanics started to service only the damaged portion. Then, he upgraded himself to service the bat by removing weights and rehandling. After that, he began to sell second-hand bats. Now he is servicing all types of bat possessing any of the three handles.

In the beginning, Surya home delivered the bat if his customer’s residence was within his reach. Therefore, there will be no difference in the service price.

Equipment for Bat

Surya owns two types of glue; one for joining minor damages and another for attaching huge cracks. Largely damaged bats will take 24 hours to 1 and half days to get dried. Bats with minor injuries will take 8 to 10 hours to dry.

Largely damaged bats can be delivered within three days maximum. Little damaged bats can be returned within two days maximum.

The Pricing Strategy

Till now, the bat mechanic has been charging 750 to 800 rupees for changing the bat handles. Handle replacement cannot be done once the handle has been broken. Once the handles are broken, the handles can be cut, and new holds can be placed instead of that.

He uses the best handle brand named “Singapore Cane”. In total, he had done 85 to 90 bat handle replacements. Overall, he had serviced around 400 to 500 bats.

Besides handling replacement, he usually charges 450 to 500 rupees for services from the bat’s shoulder to its body. If there is a need for slight changes in the bat, then he charges around 200 rupees. For small cracks in the bat, it will cost 150 to 200 rupees.

His Customers & Feedback

The batters in the TNPL Series will be his regular customers. But, still, now, he had never witnessed any negative feedback. On the contrary, he had received only constructive and productive feedback.

He is now selling second-hand bats. He will remake the bat and sell it to the customers. Even he helps his customers to sell their bats as well. The MRP of bats will be 10,000 to 12,000 rupees. He is giving second-hand bats for 3,000 to 4,000 rupees.

Summing Up, we hope that you have got knowledge about this affordable bat mechanic’s service. Then, get in touch with GamePlan Today to explore more.