7 Hidden Facts you need to know about Yulimar Rojas | Tokyo Olympics 2020

The top news hitting the sports world now is Yulimar Rojas. She takes gold to smash the world record in Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Have you ever wondered who she is? Here, GamePlan Today writes about the 10 hidden facts you need to know about the triple jumper.

GamePlan Today’s 7 Hidden facts about Yulimar Rojas

  1. Yulimar’s Family & Relationship
  2. Her Motivational Music
  3. Rojas Height and Age
  4. Like for her Real Life Sport
  5. Her pre-competition Practice
  6. The moment after winning the gold medal
  7. Yulimar’s Biggest Dream

Jump with us, to know more about Yulimar Rojas

1. Yulimar’s Family & Relationship

Rojas is born in Caracas. She has 6 siblings. It is found that she is supremely close to her parents and family. She belongs to a Venezuelan Family.

Her family was out of money. So, they left Caracas. In her childhood days, she wanted to become a volleyball player. Also, she dreamt of being a basketball player since she was tall. Former boxer and her stepfather Pedro Zapata encouraged her in sports.

Rojas made a statement that she belongs to the LGBT community. She is not straight in her sexuality. It is rumored that she is currently dating a woman. It is believed that Rojas calls her Rusmely Rojas.

This couple is not legally wedded since same-sex marriage is not legalized in Venezuela.

2. Her Motivational Music

In her interview, she mentioned that music like Merengue, Salsa, Vallenato, and Reggaeton keeps her motivated.

3. Rojas Height and Age

Rojas is 1.92 meters which is 6 feet & 4 inches. She is 25 years old. She is born on 21st October 1995. Her weight is 72 Kg.

4. Like for her Real Life Sport

As an athlete, Rojas seems to be capable of anything. But in real life, her love and likings for the sport are different.

As mentioned before, she likes volleyball and basketball. But, she is fond of swimming.

5. Her pre-competition Practice

Rojas was questioned whether she has some pre-competition customs or practice.

She gave her calm answer that she likes to change her look.

6. The moment after winning the gold medal

In her interview, she said that she was overwhelming with winning the gold medal. Yes! It is the World Championship Gold Medal.

The 1st thing she did after conquering her victory was to give all the credits and thanks to God. She wanted to hug her coach. Finally, she called her family for a celebration.

7. Yulimar’s Biggest Dream

Rojas said that currently, she will be finding another dream. Because her biggest dream has been fulfilled now.

Yeah! It was creating the world record. It is her life’s biggest dream she exclaimed.

Her Records:

In 2013:

She had made 2 national U20 records in 2013. It was on the same day. She earned silver in High Jump at Pan America’s U20 Championship.

In 2014:

She attempted triple jump for 1st time. She had made a national record on her debut.

In 2015:

Roja’s 1st Senior National Record in the triple jump and long jump was set.

In 2016:

Yulimar won a silver medal in Rio’s world indoor title.

In 2017:

She made the 1st world outdoor title. Finally, she got a gold medal with a world record.

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